Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time for a new suit.

Last year, when I decided that I wanted to learn to swim, I bought a swimsuit. I bought the cheapest suit I could find at the first place I saw one. It has served me well over the last year. The last few weeks, I have noticed that this suit is showing some wear. Its a little too big, a little stretched out and when its wet, the crotch wants to be at my knees - I pull it up so that doesn't happen, but that's what it wants.

Yesterday morning I finally decided enough was enough and I needed a new suit. I have 11 more weeks of training - two pool swims per week - until August 16th. I have bought just about everything else I could get my hands on - swim cap, bike, bike gloves, sunglasses, new helmet, new bike shorts (my favorite purchase - I LOVE THEM), a new bike why not give some love to the swim.

Today on my lunch break, I went to REI and picked up this baby:

I can't wait to wear her in the pool on Monday. I am sure she'll make me faster, my old one was kind of acting like a parachute.

I'd prefer to think I'll look more like this, only in the suit shown above:

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