Friday, November 28, 2008


It's the time of year when its good to think about what you have. I've been doing that a lot lately. Perhaps now, more than ever, its important to think about what you have, what is good - instead of what you've lost, can't or don't have and what is bad.

Things are scary out there. Seems like every week, I hear from someone new who has been layed off, who's husband or wife has been layed off. Businesses are closing down. Money is tight. Honestly - Trevor and I have been very fortunate for the years we've been together - we've both had really great jobs and could pretty much do and buy whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it. Boy have things changed. We are now a one income family and my income has gone down about 25 % this year - less business at work = less commission. We now refer to the days of the past as "when money was growing on trees". Nowadays, we actually think about how and where we spend our money. We monitor our bills and look for ways to save - we changed our garbage pick-up to every other week, we went back to a basic cable package, we set the thermostat a lot lower than we used to and put on an extra layer of clothes. I shop at the cheapest grocery store and buy only what we need. We are really at the point now where there isn't much more we could cut out. I've realized that all those things, all the stuff we bought, all the things we did were not the things that made our lives whole. I have a greater appreciation for all the things in my life that money cannot buy. I am blessed with a husband with many gifts - the greatest of which may be his sense of humor. Nothing fazes this man. He is my rock - the center of my life and even if we lost everything, I know that we'd be living on the street, laughing about something every day.

We have our wonderful, loving pets - growing from 4 to 5 now. I cannot imagine our lives without these little furry babies. Some days I cannot believe how full of love I am for them - Opal, Wookie, Gus, Daisy and Roxie. I feel like I could burst. Every day, they make me smile, laugh or tear-up -just knowing that I get to love them and that they love me right back.

I am fortunate to have a fabulous job. Seriously fabulous. My company is a great place to work - for all the complaining that goes on, I couldn't have a better job right now. Sure, its uncertain and I worry about the future of this business on which I've built a career. I don't' know what will happen, but I'm pretty sure things will be okay. I try to remember that when I get too worked up.

Then there is my family. Both my family and Trevor's family are really great people. Trevor and I are lucky. Our families are supportive, kind and giving. They love us regardless of our flaws and always want the best for us. Someone I know once said to me about family he was struggling with - "all you can do is love them." And he was right. There are challenges in every family. If you don't have a challenge in your ARE the challenge in your family!

I saw this quote: "Thanksgiving is a meal that formalizes through food your connections to the people you love, even if that connection sometimes sparks like a downed wire. It's a meal for savoring life as it is, not as it might be, and finding reasons to be grateful anyway." I guess that's a lesson about life in general, not just family. Its time to look around at how things are and be grateful for them....even if they aren't what you had planned. And to know that every day provides a chance to start over - to work toward making things the way you want them to be or to work towards appreciating them for what they are.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I know its only November 15th, but really...hasn't it been Christmas time since like October 30th? I saw Holiday items at the store right before Halloween. This seems to happen every year and every year it really pisses me off. I know the stores want us to be in the holiday spirit sooner so that we'll start shopping sooner. All it does is make me feel bah-humbug.

On November 2nd, my Starbucks cup was red, with snowflakes and doves. When it was the same cup on November 3rd, I told the barista (For those of you who don't frequent starbucks...that's the person who makes your drink), that I didn't appreciate the holiday cup. He said to me, "on behalf of Starbucks and all its employees...I apologize". I told him not to mock me and then I think he peed in my latte.

Then, to make matters worse, on November 4th, they had their holiday drinks. This means Egg nog, peppermint and gingerbread....WHAT!!!! I can't take it anymore. I CAN NOT TAKE IT.

Yesterday - November 14th, they brought the Christmas Tree...oh wait...the HOLIDAY tree downtown to the square. Santa Clause was there, so were the carolers. I swear, my blood pressure shot up to about 300 over 290.

I don't know why this makes me so f-ing mad....but it does. As I was sitting in traffic last night on the way home from work, because there was an accident on the bridge, I turned to one of my favorite stations. 103.3 has soft rock - its the music they play at the it calms me. I quickly realized that the song on that station was a Christmas song. They've started their 24 hour holiday music. Its November....not even the second half of November....not even the week of Thanksgiving...its two weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving.

We've lost our minds. Maybe we should just have Christmas all year long...why not?

I think this is why it bothers me....Time goes so fast as it is. Don't you think? I don't spend enough time living in the moment, enjoying the right now. It seems we are always looking forward, looking for what is next. I want to enjoy today...not think about six or eight weeks from now. Plus, all this holiday stuff just gives me anxiety about all the things that come along with holiday. Because really...who finds the holidays relaxing? Not me....but maybe that is because by the time they show up, I'm so mad, I can't relax...or be happy.

I need counseling. That's for sure. Until then, Merry Christmas.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So True...

If you read my blog from yesterday, you will find a list of things I said you would see/hear at the Phillies parade. This morning I was reading an article in the paper about the parade and here are some quotes:

"Center fielder Shane Victorino tossed soft pretzels to the crowd..."

"World Series MVP Cole Hamels tried to fist-bump a fan dressed like Philly's favorite fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa, but authorities intervened before they quite pulled it off."

"Phillies manager Charlie Manuel hoisted the World Series trophy Friday while players waved, the Phanatic danced and hundreds of thousands of fans roared in celebrating the city's first sports title parade in 25 years."

These are my people!