Sunday, May 31, 2009

9 down, 11 to go.

Rest week....over....back to it. This week, not a rest week...that is for sure. It was a good week. This weekend has been a challenge - my allergies have really been bothering me. Yesterday morning after our bike ride, I could barely keep my eyes pried open - they were so swollen and red. I felt totally out of it. Ack. This time of year can be tough depending on the pollen levels!

Here is what the last week has been like:
2 hrs of swimming
4 hrs of cycling
3 hrs and 50 min of running
2 hrs of weights/ab workouts
for a grand total of 11 hours and 50 minutes.

Of course, this week is another week. One more week closer. After this week, we'll be half way there. That is hard to believe. Time sure does go fast. I'm working on enjoying the journey, not just focusing on the destination.

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