Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's see how far we've come...

Yesterday was our long workout day. Long run AND long bike. Ideally, I would like to do these two workouts on different days - long bike on Saturday, long run on Sunday. Our schedule does not allow for this right now, so we'll do the next best thing - cram it all into one day.

Yesterday morning we got up and had a smoothie. Then we drank our preworkout shakes as we headed to Vancouver Fit. We ran 8 miles, drank a post workout shake. Then we stretched, got massages, had a latte and headed home. At home, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and got ready for our bike ride. 45 miles on the schedule today.

The weather was pretty nice - a bit cloudy and windy. We started out on the ride. First half was out and back to Frenchman's Bar. Flat. Very flat. I thought this would be the easy part, the second half of the ride was going to be all hills. The wind made sure that this first part was NOT easy. It felt like we had a headwind both ways - out and back.

About 15 minutes into our ride, I realized I had a flat. If you know me, you know that I am not a "roll with the punches" kind of girl and that this type of thing could potentially ruin my ride. I have clearly crossed over into some sort of alter ego - I was actually HAPPY that I got a flat. I called to Trevor up ahead and said "I have a flat! I have a flat! I get to change it!". I told him that I didn't want help, I wanted to do it alone. And I did. He helped a bit when I needed it - but for the most part, I did it!! This was exciting to me because now I know that I CAN do it if I have to during an event or a solo ride. Yay me!!

While I changed my tire, Trevor took my picture, posted it to facebook and ate some fig newtons.

We continued on with our ride. The second half was, in fact, hilly. There are two hills on this route that make me nervous and I did just fine on both of them. The ride took us three hours and I drank about 600 calories on the bike (200 per hour). It was a mixture of protein/carbs/electrolytes. I also ate one fig newton. I was hungry and wanted more. I didn't have more because I was taking care to not upset my stomach.

We got home, jumped off the bike and ran for 10 minutes - just enough to get that "run off the bike" feeling. It felt good. Then we were done - that felt even better.

I have to say, I was very happy with how the day went. We put in about 4 and a half hours of trianing and I felt good. I feel good today, the day after. We did an hour long spin class this morning and I'll lift upper body this afternoon.

Last year, we didn't ride 45 miles until right before the Half Ironman. We are 8 week out from the Half Ironman (56 mile bike ride in that one) and I feel like I could go do it next weekend if I had too. That's a good feeling. We really have come far. Much further to go - but today, I am focusing on how far we've come. And taking pride in the fact that I changed my tire today. Progress....

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