Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The choices we make

Usually, Maggie wakes us up at 5:22 am. We get up and head downstairs. We have coffee, a smoothie and watch Headline News with Robin Meade. The last few weeks, we have had no break, it has been non-stop. Tuesday mornings we have our Max Muscle system wide conference call. I had planned to run before the call. That was the only time I really had available for a run today.

Yesterday we did a spin class in the morning and then I lifted in the evening. I left the gym feeling a little sick to my stomach. I was sure it was exhaustion. This morning, I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. Trevor said "are you ready to get up" and I said "no". I went right back to sleep and slept until about 7. All four cats were in bed with me giving me their healing vibes. It worked. When I woke up again, I really felt better.

I went downstairs and listened the conference call. Then I went for a run, jumped in the shower and headed out for the day. I very easily could have taken today off. I could have slept later or just not run at all. As I layed in bed with my four furry babies, I debated these options. Then I thought of August 29th. I thought of standing on the the beach in Penticton, waiting for the start of the Ironman. Staying in bed, not running, would get me no closer to that goal. So I stopped thinking about it and just got up. I didn't think about it again, I just did it.

We make choices each day. Many choices. These choices make up who we are and what we are able to accomplish. The really exciting thing is that we have control over the choices we make and that allows us to shape our lives, to determine our outcomes. That is true freedom. Just because you slept in before, doesn't mean you have to sleep in today. Just because you made poor food choices before, doesn't mean you have to again today.

Each morning is a fresh start. Breath that in and relish it. We are all so fortunate that nothing in our past has to determine what we can be in our future. Today, I made the choice. And I am happy with my choice. I hope it is the same for you.

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