Friday, April 30, 2010

I week down, 17 to do

We will say today is the end of week 1 (of the final 18 weeks before Ironman Canada.
This week was very eventful. We made the decision to add another marathon into our training program. So, on May 16th, we will be running the Capital City Marathon in Olympia. We figured that we need some longer training runs. Mentally, it will help to have done multiple runs of 26.2 miles before Ironman.

Here's what the week entailed:
Sunday - 6 mile run/35 mile bike/1 mile run
Monday - upper body weights/abs
Tuesday - 70 minute cycling class
Wednesday - 45 min swim (2000 meters)/legs & abs/60 minute spin class
Thursday - 4.5 mile run
Friday - Upper body weights/abs

Saturday will be a rest day and then back at it on Sunday.
Swim: 45 min
Bike: 4.5 hours
Run: 1 hr 45 min
Weights: 3 hours
Total: 10 hours

We have had a lot going on this week and I have been feeling tired and sore in the mornings, but once I get to the gym or out on the run, I feel good. I am excited for our training volume to increase. I remember last year, training for the half Ironman, I had a few weeks where I was just wiped out. I would lay my head on my desk at work during the day. After I got past those few weeks, I wasn't so exhausted. Can't wait to get to that place in our training again....the not so exhausted part!!!

This next week I will focus on positive thoughts, quality workouts, recovery and peace of mind. Its time to really kick up my mental game. I need to spend some time visualizing. Never underestimate the importance of your mind!

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