Thursday, May 27, 2010

Darling, I can't get enough of your love baby...

We have been missing our dear Wookie and feeling really sad about Gus' health. Maggie has really been pushing Opal to her physical limits. We've been thinking about getting another doggie for a while now and have been looking, we just haven't had the time to go let Maggie pick one out. Sunday, we had a long bike ride planned and it was pouring rain. Trevor said "are we riding" and I said "no, we are going to get a dog". And get a dog we did.

Meet Buster.

We have been looking at Buster online at a local Shelter called New Life Family Dogs Shelter. There were a few others that Trevor had been looking at, but Buster had won my heart from the first time I saw his sweet little face.

I don't think the people who had Buster before kept him in the house very much. They didn't seem to know much about him or how he behaved. He was very sweet with us from the first moment we met. Maggie liked him too. That was all there was to it. We brought him home and you would think he had lived with us forever. Opal seemed to like him. He hopped right up on the couch and went to sleep. The shelter must be an exhausting place for a doggie.

I believe that he thinks we are going to take him back. He has this worried look on his face all the time and doesn't want to get in the car. I keep telling him its okay.

He gave me a big scare the first day we had him. I took him to Petsmart to get him a new collar and a name tag. That all went well and good. I put his new collar and tag on him and told him that he was part of our family now. Then, we walked back out to the car. We were at the Petsmart by the airport and it is on a really busy road. We had to wait for a few cars to pass before we could get back to the car. I had Maggie with me too. I said to them "we won't come to this store again, there is just too much traffic". I got them to the car and put Maggie in. Buster was on his leash next to me, then I felt the leash go limp. My heart sank - I turned around and Buster had pulled out of his collar and was running away.

I ran after Buster, screaming his name. He ran out into traffic and at least two cars had to stop. I thew down my keys, my purse, everything in my hands and sprinted after him. He was running and I was sure he was going to be hit by a car. I was yelling "don't hit my dog!"

I finally realized he was running because I was chasing. So I stopped and got down on the sidewalk. He was about to go around the building towards a busy intersection. He saw me stop. I called his name and he came to me. I grabbed him and layed on top of him for minute. Then I picked him and carried him like a baby, kissing him all the way to the car. I put him in and got in myself. I sat in the driver's seat....shaking. I was so glad that he came back to me. That haunts me, what could have happened. I can't wait until I can stop thinking of that.

On a happier note, Buster comes to the store with me and Maggie and they love it here. I love having them here. Buster loves Maggie, she gives him comfort and I think he makes her feel a bit more safe too. I left them in the car together for about an hour and when I came back they were both sleeping. Usually Maggie is eating the seats, arm rest, floor, etc!

Gus is hanging in there. He was not well on Monday and I even made an appt at the vet. I expected that Monday night was going to be the end. But he bounced back and as of today, he is acting normal - eating, drinking, sleeping with us, laying by me when I am working out. This is good news and we'll take every good day we can get.

So we are back up at 7 pets. Wookie would be happy with that because he always said we needed a tie-breaker...just in case there was a vote or something. Man, do I miss that dog. Every day, I miss him. I keep telling myself that while we are missing him, Buster now has a good home. And Wookie would love that.

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Runner Leana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gus Tracy. :(

Buster is a cutie, but what a scary story! I'm glad it had a happy ending and that he's fitting right in.