Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The people who make you better...

Ever meet someone who just brings out the best in you? Someone who pushes you to be more, to be better, just by their presence in your life? I love it when I come across this kind of person. Looking back over my life, I can point to a handful of people who have really moved me to another level - some in my professional life, some in my personal life.

My husband, Trevor, is the perfect example of this kind of person. One of the top 5 reasons I love him is because he makes me want to be a better person in every aspect of my life. When I look at who I was when I met him and who I am now, it blows me away. I am a much different person, a much better person, because I know him. I am blessed to wake up every day next to a man who loves me no matter what, but who also supports me and expects me to be more. Everything seems more possible with him. He challenges me to do things I could never have imagined...and I love that.

My running friends at Vancouver Fit fall into the category of "people who make me better". First of all, they are just good people. That makes me want to be a good person too. They are fun and funny, honest and trustworthy and they love me. They have seen me when I was tired, cranky, sick, injured, sweaty (really sweaty) and beaten down. The hug me when I need it. They leave me alone when I need it and they ALWAYS make me feel better. How I got so fortunate to find such a group, I will never understand. They are the highlight of my week...Sunday mornings...

It is because of them that I have run two marathons, have two more on the books and an Ironman in August. Well, the Ironman is really Trevor and Doug's fault, I can't blame the rest! We always joke "who is this happy running this far?!" We are. Because we are together and that makes all the difference.

We have a new person in our business, actually two new people, who are challenging me to be better. Their enthusiasm and energy push me forward. Their momentum has become mine, their drive has sparked my drive. Some days they exhaust me, but that is how you grow. If you can keep your mind open, allow all things to be possible and keep your ego in check, you will find yourself growing in ways you never thought possible.

Amanda and Amy are the newest additions to the Max Muscle Vancouver team and I feel fortunate to have them not only as a part of our business, but as a part of our lives. They, too, are good people. Hardworking, honest, trustworthy. Each day, they challenge me in ways I am sure they don't even realize. This may be the best compliment I can pay someone.

Find someone who makes you better, who makes you want to be better. Hold on to them and enjoy the ride, its worth it. You may find yourself in places you never dreamed!!!

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