Monday, July 13, 2009

I dreamed a dream

My father’s father passed away a little more than 12 years ago. I’ve posted before about how my Grammie and Pop-Pop lived across the street from us while I was growing up. They raised me almost as much as my parents did. I spent many summers at their house, lots of vacations, sick days, weekends, holidays, etc. Just about every memory from my childhood includes them.

I was the only grand-daughter and that always made me feel like Pop-pop loved me more that the other two (I’m sure he loved us all the same). He called me turtledove and would squeeze me until it hurt.

Grammie and Pop-pop were the most awesome grandparents. Grammie is still alive and lives her life more fully than most people half her age. I want to be like her when I grow up. I miss Pop-pop. I miss him a lot. I think of him all the time.

Trevor’s grandfather’s have also passes away. We often talk about how much our grandfather’s would have loved some of the things we do. We both wish that the other could have met our respective grandfather’s. I know Pop-pop would have liked Trevor.

I see a lot of my Pop-pop in my dad. Sometimes I feel like I am hearing my Pop-pop instead of my dad. We don’t have any videos or recordings of my Pop-pop. So, I haven’t heard his voice since before he died. When someone has been gone a while, you start to forget what they sounded like.

Last night, I had a dream and Pop-pop was in it. I can’t remember the last time I dreamt about him, but I would expect it was around the time of his death. Last night I heard his voice, saw his face and touched him. I woke up and immediately had tears in my eyes. I wanted to go back to sleep and back to that dream, but I knew I couldn’t and I knew he was gone.

Hearing his voice was comforting, but it made me miss him more

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