Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holy crap (AKA 14 down, 6 to go)

What a week. This has been the highest training volume week of all. And I felt it. I'm not sore, but I am tired. Really tired. I feel good, I just want to sleep....alot. The only thing that has gotten me out of bed each day is knowing that eventually, I will get back in bed at some point.

Monday morning, I was still tired from the weekend. I got up and headed the gym to swim and cycle. On the way there I actually considered turning around, going home and getting back in bed. But I had read this somewhere "there are only two times to train - when you want to and when you don't want to". So, just like every other day, I went and I did what was on the schedule. It wasn't so bad after all!! 45 minutes in the pool, 60 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday morning was another tough one. Upper body weights, ab workout, then a 7 mile run. Really?? Then, that night, we headed to the point for a 1/2 mile swim. I am feeling better in the water, but I was SO tired and cranky, the last thing I wanted was to go do that. But we did it anyway.

Wednesday morning - 80 minutes on the spin bike and a 15 minute run. That night we headed to the pond again, this time for a mile swim. Probably a little less than a mile. There was a group of other swimmers there, I think the triathlon club in Portland comes up on Wed nights to swim. It was kind of nice to see other crazies out there with us!!

Thursday morning, total body weights, ab workout and a relaxing 45 minute run. Where I alternated between feeling really good and feeling really bad. Funny how the mind and body work.


Saturday - this was our longest training session of everything up until now and everything after now. Its all down hill baby!! We swam 1/2 mile, rode 58 miles and ran 3 miles. This took over 5 hours. It was almost 100 degrees. And it was a fabulous workout. We both really did well. The 1/2 ironman bike ride is 56 miles, so we needed to get that done and now that we've done it, we know we CAN do it. That makes it easier to wrap the mind around. We came home, ate everything in sight and went to bed at 8 pm. because...

Sunday - can you say 12 mile run? I wasn't sure I would make it, but once we got started, I loosened up and felt pretty good. Its 2:45 right now and I am nearing the point where I am ready for bed!!

Tomorrow is right back at it - Saturday will be our biggest event so far - an Olympic distance triathlon - 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike ride, 6 mile run. I am really excited for it!

Here are the totals for this week:
2 hrs of swimming
6 hrs and 20 min of cycling
5 hrs of running
2 hrs of weights/ab workouts
for a grand total of 15 hours and 20 minutes

I have to say that I am shocked at how well I am holding up. I guess there is a lot to be said for training and taking care of your body. I get massages every few weeks, not the relaxing kind, but the kind that hurt! I eat to fuel my workouts, I take supplements that work for me. I get good quality sleep whenever I can! We are on the downhill now - August 16th will be here before we know it. And I'll tell you - I can't wait!!

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