Monday, July 13, 2009

15 down, 5 to go

This week was probably the toughest week I've had. I spent every minute of every day this week feeling completely and totally exhausted. Every day I had to convince myself to get out of bed and do what was on the schedule. I kept trying to convince myself I could do less than was called for, but in the end, I stuck to the schedule. But wow, was I tired.

The great thing is that Sunday morning, I was talking to our friend Doug who has done lots of triathlons, including an Ironman. He said that during his training there were weeks where he kept telling himself that he just needed to make it through THIS week. It was good to know that what I was feeling was okay. Doesn't change it, just makes it okay!!!

Here are the totals for this week:
2 hrs of swimming
4 hrs and 35 min of cycling
5 hrs and 35 min of running
2 hrs of weights/ab workouts
for a grand total of 14 hours and 10 minutes

This week will be an easy week - until Saturday - then we have a 15 mile run, followed by a sprint triathlon on Sunday. Sounds fun, right??

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