Monday, July 27, 2009

Down the shore

There is a columnist named Steve Duin who works here at The O. He is from the Philadephia area and spent his summers growing up in Ocean City New Jersey. He still goes there every summer with his kids, who are now grown. Every once in a while, Steve writes a column about New Jersey. Sometimes is the shore, sometimes its Bruce Springsteen, but it always makes me homesick.

In his recent column, you can read here
Steve talks about summer at the shore. He talks about Wawa coffee and the newspaper. He talks about the Ninth Street Bridge and how you can smell the salt water. Just reading this makes me homesick. I can see it in my mind - driving down the shore, getting close and breathing in the first whiff of that salt water smell. I can hear the seagulls and feel the humid air.

I love it when he writes these stories, they catch me off guard and bring back the best memories. Thanks Steve, I'll be smiling about this all day long. Because as Bruce says "down the shore everything's alright".

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