Saturday, July 18, 2009

9 years

On July 16th, it was 9 years since my first date with Trevor. It was 4 years since Trevor proposed to me. I don't know where the time has gone. It seems to go so fast these days.

We have always had long standing traditions. We have gone to the same restaurant for dinner for every anniversary of our first date. This year, we decided to start a new tradition....we went to dinner some place close to home, that we had a gift card for! Quick and cheap...its all about the time together.

Every year on our dating anniversary, I ask Trevor a bunch of questions....I call it our "yearly review". Then, on our wedding anniversary we decide if we want to renew our contract for another year!

I think this has been one of our best years together. I think we let go of many things that were holding us back. We've kind of taken things to the next level around here. We've always had lofty goals. This year, we made the biggest strides towards achieving those goals.

Our family has grown - we brought two new kitty's into the mix. There are so many things that are in flux for us right now, but I have never felt more secure. I love my husband, I love my life. I look back on that first date 9 years ago and I feel so fortunate. I could never have imagined that things would have turned out this way. Just goes to just can't tell what opportunities life will present.

Here's to another year....can't wait to see what it brings.

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