Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hagg Lake on Saturday

Saturday morning - this is what we'll be doing....the Hagg Lake Olympic distance triathlon. That's a .9 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 6.1 mile run.

We've been training for Lake Stevens (1/2 Ironman) for 14 weeks now. This Olympic distance has always been a part of the training plan. I've only done 3 other triathlons, all sprint distances (half of the Olympic). After our last event - on June 21 - I had some serious second thoughts about this race on Saturday. I had decided that I was only going to do that sprint distance because I was so overwhlemed by the swim. Then we started doing some open water swims in the pond by our house and I realized that it was going to be okay. I had a few friends give me pep talks - one who said "with your 1/2 Ironman coming up, you have no choice but to do the Olympic". That kind of slapped me back into reality - we had a training plan and I have been sticking to that plan all along. Now is no time to stop.

The entire event on Saturday will be shorter than our workout last Saturday. I need to get my mind out of the way. I get in the water and I know I can swim the distance, but I get started and my mind goes wacko..."can I do that, should I stop, should I roll over and float, how will I make it two laps, am I motion sick, is there water in my ears????!!!!"

My plan for Saturday morning is to relax and enjoy it. Even if I come in last, I'll finish. I want to have fun. I enjoy my training. I look forward to my rides, runs and even the swims. I've put in the time, the effort and the focus. Its just one day, on the way to another day in August.

I had coffee with my father-in-law this morning and was telling him about my anxiousness and he said, "you can do anything". He said it so matter of fact, I really liked that and I thought, "he's right, I can". And the "anything" I'm chosing to do this weekend is waiting for me at Hagg Lake. Details to follow.

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