Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maybe I should get a newspaper route.

If there were any available, I might as well. I mean, I’m already getting up before the crack of dawn due to my workout/training schedule and my earlier work schedule. Starting in January, I have to be at work no later than 8:30 – this pushed my alarm clock back to 4:30 am. On top of that, I’m making less money thanks to a pay cut and furlough days. These items – early mornings, less money for more work – are characteristic of a newspaper route. I’ve done many paper routes in my life and honestly have never been paid for any of them. Well, that’s not true – I was paid my salary for my job at the newspaper, I was just never paid as an actual carrier.

Tomorrow morning, I have a mandatory 8 am meeting at work. That means that my alarm will go off tomorrow morning at 4 am. Which to me, is completely ridiculous. Completely. I’m trying not to be angry about it because that will only make it worse – when it really just is what it is.

So my alarm will go off at 4 and I’ll need to get right out of bed – no time to waste. I’ll do a weight workout, ab workout and then run for 35 minutes. The nice thing about it is that there will be NO traffic out when I run – which I LOVE. Its so peaceful and calm. I am hoping the skies will clear and I might have some moonlight to lead the way.

After my run, I’ll take Wookie for a walk. While we were on vacation, our awesome house/pet sitter, Joyce, walked Wookie twice a day and he refuses to go back to his previous sporadic schedule of walks. He now demands that he be walked and right after my workout is the best time.

Then there will be a quick breakfast, maybe a minute to peruse the paper, coffee, a shower and then off to work.

Roxie has been wanting me to pet her every morning around 4:25, she sits on my chest and touches my face. She used to claw my face, not she just paws at me – it is very cute. I always pet her until the alarm goes off. Unless she sets her alarm to 3:55, tomorrow she might just have to go unpetted. Or maybe she’ll wake Trevor up at 4:25.

My point is this....4 am is just too damn early to get out of bed - unless you are getting on a plane to go someplace great on vacation. Clearly, that is not the case for me tomorrow.

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