Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anything before 6 am is good.

Despite the 4 am alarm, today really started out to be a great day. Then I got to work and it all went downhill – that is mostly due to my attitude, I’m sure. I need to adjust that, otherwise I won’t be able to survive. Its just funny that some days I go home thinking that I’ve hit my limit and I can’t take anymore…then I go back the next day and I realize that my limit has been pushed, my threshold raised and I take more. Its not really funny, like haha, its funny like in a tragic way.

But back to good thoughts!! I have lots to say today – I had a great workout this morning and during my run I thought about a lot of things. I do my best thinking during the runs. I loved that it was light out at 5:15 am. That’s a nice change.

The Universe was sending me a message yesterday – about training. I read a story on the New York Times website about training. It talked about how people who actually train for an event perform better and have fewer injuries. By training, they meant with a group or a coach – following a specific program. The article profiled this one guy in particular and how he loved to train. I realized last night when I was riding my bike that I love to train.

I didn’t used to love to train. Growing up, I loved to play – but I hated to train. In high school I dreaded conditioning and the training before the soccer or softball season started. I would do anything to not have to do it – I’d lay awake at night and worry about it. Boy, have I come far from those days.

Then, I was at the Nike store and saw a shirt that said “Training is the opposite of Hoping”. I didn’t buy it, but I need to – because that is going to be my theme for this summer. During my run this morning I wrote a whole post about this in mind – I’ll be writing that later and will post for your reading enjoyment.

So, the Universe was telling me to keep training. That is what I am doing! Tomorrow is a rest day – I’ll sleep in until 6 am, if Roxie lets me – which is doubtful. Saturday is a long bike ride (100 minutes) followed by a 20 minute run. Sunday is a 7 mile run. I need to be sure to enjoy tomorrow too!

At the Nike store, I did buy a new pair of running capris. They were on a mannequin who was all geared up for a super fast run – when the cashier was ringing up the capris, the style name showed up as “Slacker Capris”. Who, at Nike, is responsible for naming a pair of running pants – “Slacker”. I wore them this morning for my 5:15 am run, after I had already worked out for over an hour and thought “who’s the slacker now?”

I have been listening to the same two playlists on my Ipod for about three months now. I have some songs on there that I really love and I haven't gotten tired of them yet. This morning, I saw that Trevor has some playlists on there and figured I would listen to one of them. Trevor had picked a song by Rush called Tom Sawyer for his fight walk song - the song they played when he walked into the ring before his fight. When he played it for me before the fight, I was like "ehh....couldn't you find something better?". It did nothing for me. I haven't listened to that song since his fight. It was on his playlist and when it started, I got goose bumps. I had this crazy feeling wash over me and it was like I was sitting at the Roseland, watching him walk into the ring. Then I started to feel sick to my stomach. It was the craziest thing. The song finished and I hit rewind to play it again....and I kept on running.

I have jokingly been saying for the past few days that I don’t want the swine flu. Then seriously, I have been washing my hands, watching what I touch and telling Trevor to do that same – especially at the store. He told me last night that a woman came into the store yesterday and after she was done, told Casey that he might want to disinfect things because she just got back from Mexico and was told that she should quarantine herself for 7 days and she said, “but I can’t do that”. Right. You need to be at our store infecting us. What the hell is wrong with people – this is the reason why things like this are transmitted – people have no regard for other people. I thought about this a bit on my run because, as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to stew on my run. But that didn’t ruin my absolutely pleasant morning. I used to joke that I’d love to live in a world where there was no one but me….when I’m up so early in the morning, its kind of like that. And you know what – I really like it. Its probably more like this: I’d like to live in a world where I hand picked only the best people…but then I’d have no one to blame but myself and that would suck.

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