Friday, April 24, 2009

Cruise to the Bahamas, Days 1 and 2

We left REALLY early on Friday morning - we had to fly to Dallas and then to Jacksonville. Our flight to Dallas was probably the worst flight I've been on in years. There was so much turbulence - we were all over the place. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have issues with motion sickness. I did okay on this flight and really just tried to relax. We started our approach into Dallas and there was a storm - we saw lightning a few times and felt the plane move when the thunder boomed. After a few minutes, we didn't seem to be going down anymore. The pilot came on and said we were going to circle....we did that for an hour. Not fun.

We finally landed and all the flights were delayed. We sat at the airport for over three hours and finally got on our plane to Jacksonville. We got in around 8, got to our hotel and went to dinner. What a long day! Our hotel was great, we got a great night's sleep.

Day 2 - I got up early and went for a run - it was so nice to see the sun and be able to run in shorts and a t-shirt. We had breakfast, ran to Walmart to buy some bottled water for our trip and boarded the shuttle for the port.

The check in procedure at the boat was smooth. We boarded around 1, went up and had lunch on the Lido deck. It was a beautiful buffet. We sat out in the sun and enjoyed the view. The boat wasn't leaving the dock until 4 pm.

We wandered around and tried to get a feel for where things were. We got into our room and were happy with it. Trevor tested out the bed - which was surprisingly comfortable for being two twin beds pushed together.

We went upstairs at 3:30 for the mandatory emergency meeting. Here they tell you what to do in case we hit an iceburg.

We went and visited the maitre'd and asked to have our dinner seating changed from the 8 pm to the 6 pm - because we are 80 years old and we can't have dinner at 8....that's too close to bedtime.

After we did that, we wandered a bit more, had dinner, then sat on the deck and went to bed early. The boat had set sail and we really felt the boat moving - all night long I was pretty sure I'd fall out of bed....but I didn't. I just took my motion sickness pill and went back to sleep.

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