Friday, November 5, 2010

Opal...the last of the original 3

When Trevor and I met, there were three pets - Opal, Wookie and Gus. Opal is the sole survivor. We have added to the family, but she is the last of the original 3. She is 13 and has aged 10 years in the last 18 months.

When we first got Maggie, she and Opal ran and played. They would bounce off the couches. It was fun to watch, but also made us a little sad. She and Wookie were best friends, but they never played like that. It made us sad that she wasn't able to play like this her entire life.

Once Wookie passed away, Opal went downhill fast. She started having a lot of issues with her hips and back legs. She stopped getting up on the couch and doesn't like going of the deck anymore. We started some treatment for arthritis a while ago. She gets shots once a month and takes pills twice a day. We built a ramp from the deck to the yard so she doesn't have to step down.

She has slowed way down. Maggie seems to realize what is going on. She used to play so rough with Opal, now she is very gentle. She plays differently with Opal than she does with Buster. Opal so wants to run and play, but she can't.

Its hard to believe she has gotten so old. It seems so sudden, even though I know its not. Last night, she seemed to get worse, really fast. Her back leg stopped working and she kind of flailed around like a fish. She keeps falling down and sometimes can't get up.

She is in good spirits, but Trevor said this morning, "if she can't walk, she will lose the will to live". That broke my heart. We have lost Wookie and Gus this year. I think I have cried almost every single day this year. Wookie was diagnosed with lymphoma in mid January and we have been saying goodbyes every since then.

I keep telling Opal that she has to get better. She has to get back on her feet. We are going to take her to a different vet - a neurologist - to see if they can find a pinched nerve, bulged disk or something that can be fixed to make it easier for her to get around.

There is no way that I am ready to say goodbye again. Just no way.

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