Monday, November 15, 2010

The Off Season

After the Columbia Gorge Marathon, I decided it was time for the Off Season to begin! I felt like I had been training forever, always with a goal in mind. Last year, after the Portland Marathon, I hit the off season and gained almost 10 pounds. I felt like crap and couldn't seem to lose that weight. I didn't want to repeat that this year.

Trevor has switched from triathlon/marathon season to fight season. No Off Season for him. He has named me his strength and conditioning coach. This means that we are doing weights three days a week and lots of high intensity cardio. Quite a change from the last several months of endurance training.

My elbow is still not right and may never be again. I have strength in it and really no pain. It is more of an ache. I can lift just about as heavy as before and I have good range of motion. It is hard to describe how it feels. I can tell that I have lost some muscle tone in that arm and am working hard to get it back!!

I really want to work on my leg strength. I have IT band issues when I run and I believe that will go away when I work on my leg/hip strength.

We have been doing the stair machine at the gym. Trevor and I played a game today where I would decide what level we were on for a while, then he would. The last minute of the workout, we were running on the stairs. My heart rate was 183 and I was close to throwing up! Wow. What a great workout!

Trevor supplements these workouts with his fight training - grappling, boxing, wrestling. His fight is planned for December 11th and he is really looking forward to it.

It is difficult for me to have nothing specific to train for. I need to figure out the plan for next season. I love the off season, but I hate the off season!!!


Keith said...

I don't want to get on a scale and find out how much weight I've gained. Doing the core and strength and high intensity cardio will be a great change, then you'll be much refreshed when tri season comes around again.

I'm so glad your elbow is healing up. That's a tough injury and you've done very well. I cracked a bone in my elbow a couple years ago now, and I'm still working on range of motion and strength issues. Does it affect your bike? I find that since I can't completely straighten my right arm, my triceps have to support my body weight. After a long ride it's my right arm that is killing me, so there's still progress to be made.

Tracy said...

I am hoping I will be refreshed!! Some days I just feel tired! Winter weather doesn't help.

My husband thinks my arm will bother me for years. I was hoping it would heal super fast and then never be a problem again. I haven't been on the bike since Ironman, so I am not sure how it will do. I feel the my body compensating for it in my shoulder/chest and back. It just needs time and I am so not good at patience!!!