Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gus in pictures...

All through Gus' life, I sang to him. I am NOT a good singer, but Gus loved it. He would look at me,squint his eyes and start purring. As his days grew shorter, I sang two songs in particular. He really liked these two. I sang both of them on his last day. I miss him terribly and long to touch his fluffiness one last time. I just can't believe he is gone.

Gus loved toys.Loved laying on the bed.
Loved being in the workout room.
More of the bed.
He was our jungle cat.

Sometimes looked confused by his water.
Loved his hospice bed.
And the closet.
Didn't care that he had kitty acne in his old age.
LOVED laying in the front window. This is where he was every day when I got home. Waiting.
Loved to be with his mom.
Loved the sun.
Really loved his mom when he was sick.
Tolerated Roxie, who thinks Gus is her mom.
Thought Daisy was beautiful.
Shared the sun with Norwyn.
Will always be remembered like this....


Tina said...

Love those pictures.

Keith said...

Now I am missing my big orange Sebastian cat and wishing I had taken more photos of him. But that was before digital photography, and we were so bad about film.