Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls and Dudes Sprint Triathlon Race Report

This is the second year we have participated in this event. We also sponsor it, which adds to fun to the day. We get there early and set up our booth, then set up our gear for the race, then race, then help out at the booth (we have an employee come work) and then pack up our race gear and the booth. Whew.

This is a great local event and we really enjoy it. Last year, Trevor came in second in his age group and was really looking forward to improving his time this year and moving up in the rankings. My goal is always to just enjoy the ride and finish! Secretly, I wanted to see if I could push as hard as I could and possibly place in my age group. But I didn't tell anyone that.

It was a great day for a triathlon - sunny and warm. My start time was 9:10, Trevor's was 9:25. We know this course well, we ride the bike course all the time and it can be a fast ride! We know every turn and every bump, that helped going into the event.

As always, I was totally nervous ahead of time. I can't really talk to anyone or be of any use! We saw SO many people that we know and that was tough. I was trying to be nice and talk to people, but I get so freaked out that it is really better that I be alone with my thoughts. Trevor's parents came up to watch us, that was fun too, but again, I didn't have it in me to be too social.

This was our first race with our new bikes and I was hoping they would pay off! We also have aerohelmets that we plan to wear for Ironman and we needed to test those out too. I remember the first triathlon we did two years ago, we saw people with their nice triathlon bikes and their aerohelmets and we thought "what a bunch of snobs". Well, now that is us!

This is a great race for beginners and there were a lot of first timers out there, lots of mountain bikes. I really liked seeing that. I remember being a beginner. Everyone was so nervous. I kept telling people it was okay, I've done it before and I still get nervous too!!

The swim is a downriver swim, so we walk half a mile up river to the start. We made the trek and then it was time for me to get in the water. Gulp.

I got in and positioned myself behind the main line of people, which is what I always do. I like to let everyone else get started, breast stroke a few and then start my swim. It helps my anxiety. I had forgotten that there would be so many newbies. I should have started a bit closer to the front. I found myself dodging breast strokers and side strokers and even a few who stopped and stood up (you could touch the bottom). I wasn't annoyed by it, like I said, I remember being new. I kept thinking this was good practice for Cananda. I need to get used to swimming with others around me and working to find open space to swim. I just relaxed and did that. I was happy that I didn't freak out. I just kept moving. Before I knew it, it was time to get out of the water.

Swim Time: 14:22

I usually take my time in transition, but today I decided to actually hurry! So I did.

T1: 2:26 - that is fast for me.

I hopped on the bike and knew I was going to cruise. I got into the aeroposition and just rode. I was not passed by a single person on the bike and I passed a TON of people. It really felt great. I felt comfortable. I was loving my new bike!!

Bike Time: 36:46 - looking at the results, there were only two people faster than me on the bike. Wow.

T2: 1:41

Here's what I struggle. I can run forever, I don't go fast, but I keep going. Well, three miles isn't forever. I ran faster than normal, but it wasn't fast enough. My 10 minute mile is slow compared to the 8 minute miles going on around me. It is a bit discouraging on these shorter distances to get passed on the run. I felt like I was going fast for me, but for the rest of the world, I was probably pretty slow.

All the same, I was happy with my run time.

Run time: 29:03

Overall time: 1:24:20

This was good enough for second in my age group - looking at the results today - the girl who was first, beat me by 10 seconds. Her swim was 4 minutes slower than me, her bike was 4 minutes slower than me and her run was 8 minutes faster. Damnit. So close.

I got an award and I was SO happy. I finished 2nd out of 28 in my age group, 16 out of 160 in my gender and 58 out of 260 overall. Not bad.

For the first time, I felt fast. I never feel fast, I always feel like I am dragging along and I will admit was FUN to go fast. I forgot how much fun these short distances can be. We have been doing so much long distance work that the short distances have eluded us!

Trevor did great too. He finished 3rd in his age group with a time of 1 hour and 16 - 17th overall. He is a maniac.

I was really proud of both us today and I had a blast. I love doing these things with Trevor. I love seeing him on the course and at the finish. Because of the way the start times were, I got to finish before Trevor. I never get to see him finish. He is always waiting around for me. It was great to see him sprint to the finish. I love him so much.

Yay us!!

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