Saturday, July 31, 2010

14 down, 4 to go...

Holy Crap. This was another week that was tough to get through. Trevor and I have both been feeling the weight of this training load. Our workouts have been good and actually fun - just long and exhausting. Its been a challenge to juggle all the things we need to fit into a day, but we are doing it. Sure, the house hasn't been cleaned in about 4 months and the yard, well, we won't even discuss the yard....

Here is the recap....
Sunday: Girls and Dudes Triathlon - GREAT day - 15 min swim, 35 min bike, 28 min run. Reminded me that I really do love triathlon!!
Monday: 13 mile run. Ugh, reminded me why I can't wait to get back to a regular workout schedule. This was the hardest workout I have had in over a year. I felt like I was running in mud. The route was out and back and it was all I could do to not turn around early and go home. Good mental training. 2 hours and 20 minutes
Tuesday: 100 mile bike ride - and the hard continues. This was a tough day too. Trevor and I both woke up and didn't want to go. But we went anyway, because there are only two times to train - when you want to and when you don't. 7 hours and 30 minutes later.....Oh. And then we went and swam for 20 minutes with our triathlon training group.
Wednesday: Rest day. sweet, sweet rest.
Thursday: 80 minute run. Today was one of those days that make me push through the hard days. What a fabulous run. First of all, I got up at 5:30 am with the dogs, went down on the couch and fell back asleep. I was sure this run was going to be a disaster. It felt great. I felt light on my feet and just loved every minute of it. How can it be so hard one day and so easy the next?
Friday: 45 minute open water swim. Ahh....finally at the point where 45 minutes in the water feels short!
Saturday: 20 minute bike ride and 25 minute swim with our training group.

Total for the week:
Swim: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Bike: 8 hours and 25 minutes
Run: 5 hours and 08 minutes
Weights: 0 min
Total: 15 hours and 18 minutes

Two more 100 mile bike rides, one 18 mile run left over the next 10 days. Then...we taper....the work is almost done. Kind of scary to think of it that way....but its true. Ironman is 4 weeks from tomorrow. So many different emotions about that. Mostly excited.

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