Saturday, July 17, 2010

12 down, 6 to go....

6 to go...that makes me want to throw up - to think that Ironman is only 6 weeks away!! ACK!

The next couple weeks will be build weeks, meaning the training will be high volume....lots of it. Last year, during training for our Half Ironman, I remember be really really tired during much of it. I needed a nap just about every minute of every day. I would lay my head down on my desk at work. When I got out of bed, all I could think of was how much I couldn't wait to get back in bed that night. I haven't felt that way at all during Ironman training....until this week. Man, was I tired. Getting up was tough, staying up was tough. My workouts felt pretty good (better as the week went on), but they were more of a struggle than they have been. I know that I can make it one more week, then a recovery week will be waiting.

I think most of this exhaustion came from our long ride on Sunday and my lack of appropriate fueling afterwards. I'm admit it, I didn't make the best choices. I learned from that and will do better next time.

Here is the recap....
Sunday: 100 mile bike ride up to Mount St. Helens!!
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 60 minutes abs/upper body weights, 75 minute run (this was a tough one for me)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 1 hour open water swim, 90 minute bike ride, 10 minute run
Friday: 10 mile run
Saturday: 45 minute open water swim (supposed to be one hour and 15 minutes, but we ran out of time!)
Last week I mentioned that I needed to figure something out on my goggles because they were cutting off circulation to my brain. I loosened them up a bit this week and boy did it ever make a difference!

Total for the week:
Swim: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Bike: 9 hours and 45 minutes
Run: 3 hours and 10 minutes
Weights: 60 min
Total: 15 hours and 40 minutes

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