Saturday, July 10, 2010

11 down, 7 to go....

Another week down, hard to believe. We had a bit of a heatwave this week, which made it a challenge to get some workouts in, but we did them anyway! We only swam once this week. We planned to swim twice, but it was so hot one night and Maggie was really upset, so NO ONE got any sleep. I felt like that warranted a rest day!

The other big news this week was the purchase of two new bikes. This was a big deal for us and I am thrilled! Trevor had been wanting a new bike, I didn't care much. I figure I'm not going to win, so what does it matter. Well, then he was set on getting a new bike and I was like "if you are getting a new one, I should at least test ride a new one". I was still undecided and then the salesman said "you could cut about 30 minutes off your Ironman bike time". Done. Sold. Wrap it up. And home we went.

We took two test rides on the bike. We needed to break them in a bit - tomorrow is our first 100 mile bike ride ever. Gulp. The bikes really do ride nice. I am still working on getting used to it, the way it feels and how it shifts, but I like it. I like it alot. We'll see how I feel after tomorrow's ride..

Here is the recap....
Sunday: 9 mile run with Vancouver Fit
Monday: 60 minute spin class
Tuesday: 3 hour ride on the NEW bikes
Wednesday: 2 hour ride on the NEW bikes
Thursday: 30 minute abs, 40 minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 1 hour open water swim, 40 minute run. I need to figure something out with my googles. I am so worried about getting water in them that I have them clamped down super tight on my head. Today they were cutting of my circulation and I ended up with a headache and probably some brain damage. I'll loosen them up a bit for next time!!

Total for the week:
Swim: 1 hour
Bike: 6 hours
Run: 3 hours
Weights: 30 min
Total: 10 hours and 30 minutes

Still continuing my love affair with the pretzel M&Ms, I need to stop that. Seriously....

Next week I need to get back into my weight routine as well, I miss my two days of week of strength training and I think I really need it!!

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