Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet Norwyn

I have been hesitant to post this, because I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. Things appear to be moving in the right direction, so here it goes....Meet the newest addition to our family. His name is Norwyn, which means "friend from the north".
Norwyn appeared from the north one night several weeks ago. We were getting ready to head upstairs to bed and we heard a loud meowing, we looked out back and this cat we have never seen before came walking through our yard and up to our deck. He sat there, waiting to be let in the house, as if he already lived here.

He was the scrawniest cat I've ever seen. He has this strange little pig tail. He was very skinny and beaten up. We told him to go home because we had no room. He sat on our back deck and cried all night long. Seriously, all night long. In the morning, we let the dogs out and they chased the cat out of the yard. We opened the front door and there he was - sitting and waiting - crying. We fed him and fretted over what to do.

We looked for signs or postings about a missing cat. We contacted our vet and took him in to see if he had a microchip. He did not. The vet said he was about three and that his tail was most likely a birth defect. He seemed to be in good health, although skinny. We had moved the cat into the garage, where he was as happy as could be. We gave him a little box to use and lots of food and water. We spent some time with him during the day and he would climb up onto our laps and go to sleep.

After a few days, we were laying in bed and I said to Trevor, "what are we going to do" and Trevor said "name him". And just like that, he because one of us. We went through several different names: Six (because we have five other pets), Napoleon, Pedro, Tommy, Rush, Sawyer. None of them stuck. Then Trevor came across this name - Norwyn - and it just stuck. I call him Wynnie and I love him already.

We figured it would be a super easy transition to being an inside cat. We were mistaken. Wynnie has obviously had a tough life on the streets because he is really scared of the other cats. The other cats do not care one bit about him. We have been keeping him in the rec room upstairs. He really wants out, but is scared of the others. He scratches at the door and we get no sleep at night, so usually one of us goes in and sleeps on the floor with him and that calms him down.

This weekend, we've started just opening up the doors and letting them all wander as they want. I think it will eventually be okay, once he realizes that our other cats know they have it good here and they don't care who else comes on the scene. There is more than enough love to go around. I look forward to the day when Norwyn feels totally comfortable and truly becomes a part of the family. Then he can sleep on the bed with us too.

Just to recap, here is the rest of our family...

When Trevor and I met, he had Opal

and Wookie

I had Gus

About three years ago, we saw Daisy up for adoption at the pet store and we loved her right away, so she came to live with us.

6 months ago, we added our baby - Roxie.

The word must be out on the streets that we have a great home filled with love for any animal that wants us. Really, we are full now, no more room at the Inn. But we love every single one of these animals. More and more each day. Welcome to the family Norwyn. We're happy to have you.

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Portland Constantly Golfing Type Girl Person said...

You forgot to mention Opal's pet GT. Green Thing. This is a "grand pet" I belief - an object a pet loves that becomes a default family member. Long live GT!