Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good news

When I left for work yesterday morning, Wookie was still not good. I worried all day long about what I would find when I got home. The vet had called to check on him and said that it would take a few days for the medicine to work and to just keep an eye on him.

When I got home last night, Wookie was laying between the house and the bushes in the backyard. He always lays there, but usually comes out when he hears me. I called and called his name. He didn’t come. I looked behind the bushes and saw him, but couldn’t tell if he was breathing. I thought the worst – I yelled his name and he jumped, got up and walked past me into the house. He must have been sound asleep.

He was wagging his tail as he walked by me – that was a good sign. He came into the house and layed down. I started doing all my after work chores. I had the fridge open and was getting lunches ready. I heard Wookie come walking into the kitchen and he put his head in the fridge. I hugged and kissed him because this was a sign of improvement. Up to that point, Wookie had no interest in anything he normally loves. And that dog LOVES food. He was right on my heels while I made lunches, had his nose up on the counter and while I usually yell at him for this, I was so grateful and happy to see that he was feeling better that I let him do whatever he wanted.

While we watched TV, I layed on the floor for a bit with Wookie and whispered loving words into his ears. “I’m not ready for you to leave yet” I told him. “I love you”, “you are a good boy”. He looked at me and sighed, closed his eyes and got some much needed sleep.

We didn’t think he was quite ready for a walk this morning, but he did do a bit of whining like he wanted to go. Hopefully tomorrow he will be back to normal or at least closer than today. I hate some of his bad habits and he can be a real jackass, but right now I am anxiously awaiting the return of all his ill-behaved nonsense. Because I love him, regardless of the constant licking of the couch, nose in my food, whining at 3 am for no reason, pulling on the leash while we walk, I love him. And all the rest. And I want our family to go back to normal – no matter how un-normal we are.

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