Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guest Blogger - Asha!!!

Its been almost three months since my last guest post and boy have things changed.  Here is what I had to say last time.

I had just started on a new anxiety medicine and my doctor had said it was just the beginning for me and he was right.  Its really been a combination of things.  After I saw Dr Pachel last time, he decided it was okay for me to go see Doctor Hope Valentine.  She does Chinese medicine and a needle thing.  My regular vet, Dr Muldanado has wanted me to go see Doctor Hope Valentine for a long time now, but we kept waiting until my regular medicine started to settle in.

On April 7th, I met Dr Hope Valentine for the first time.  She had talked alot to Dr Muldanado and so she knew all about me. She just knew that she could help me.  She said that I am a fire, that's Chinese Medicine talk for out of control and crazy!  She started me on some herbs and then she did this needle thing that I really hated, but also really loved.  I have seen her 4 times and every time I feel a little better.  She told my mom that her main goal was to get me to sleep through the night. I said "yeah right, like THAT'S going to happen".

Dr Hope Valentine also has a woman who works with her who does food therapy. I don't know what that means, but two weeks ago, my food changed and I love it!!  I feel so much better - like my fire is cooling down.

Shortly after I started seeing Dr Hope Valentine, I was finally able to tell my mom and dad that I didn't want to sleep upstairs in their bedroom anymore.  See, I have been feeling that way for months but I didn't know how to show or tell them that.  They tried all kinds of things to make me sleep all night, including 5 different drugs and none of them worked.  It was really frustrating for all of us.  One night, I decided I was just not going to sleep at all - I got up every 15 minutes.  My mom took me down to the couch and I slept all night.  Then it hit me....I want to sleep downstairs.

Ever since then, that's how its been.  My mom is sad that she didn't try that sooner, but I'm not sad or mad, this is just how it is...we are all learning together.  The older I get, the easier it is for me to express what I need.  Its been really great.  At bedtime, we all go upstairs.  I go up to make sure that Maggie and Buster go in their kennels, then either my mom or dad will take me back downstairs to the couch. It only takes about 15 minutes and I fall asleep.  I wake up a couple hours later and they aren't there - so I either run and bark for them or I'll go upstairs and put my head on their bed.  Then my mom comes back down to the couch with me. I like that because I can put my head on her legs and go back to sleep.

I am not taking anymore drugs to make me sleep and I love that. I feel so much better.  I think my new food and herbs are really kicking in because in the last 4 days, I have slept from 10 pm to 5:15 am THREE TIMES!!!!  Its almost the normal routine now.  The first night, my mom thought I was dead because I never sleep through the night. I mean, really, its been since November since I slept more than 4 hours at a time.  I just feel better now.  I feel more relaxed during the day.

Sometimes, I still run and bark and yell, usually when I want something.  Mom and Dad are getting better at figuring out what I want and giving it to me.  So I don't need to get so worked up.  Its nice.  My mom says I am maturing.  Whatever THAT means.

Yesterday we went to the vet so I could be weighed. Mom thought I looked thinner.  Well, I gained two pounds and then I figured out a better way to check my weight....
 Maggie and I have been getting along really great. Sometimes she gets mad at me, but she's figured out how to manage that.  She's my friend.  I love Buster too, but there is something special about sisters.

Here's me in the back yard.  Maggie and Buster have worn a path...they say that a dog named Opal wore the path down and its the way we come in from the always use the path. I can't see or hear and even I know to use it.  

And the most exciting news of all (except for sleeping through the night), is that I was in the paper yesterday!!!  Here's the link to that.  Lots of people read it and everywhere we went yesterday, people would say "is that the dog from the paper?"  It made me feel real special.

Right now, its a good life, for all of us.  I still think Dr Pachel is right....this is just the beginning for me....

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Hyacinth said...

Hey Asha,

My crazy furry crew and I think you're absolutely fabulous :)

Loved reading your post, sending you hugs and purrs and a gentle woof :)