Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Buster!!

Our sweet little man turned 5 on Wednesday.  We celebrated all day long!  I am totally in love with this dog.  He is the best dog I have ever known and I cannot believe how much I love him, how much more I love him with every passing day.

The day was Buster's and we did all his favorite things.   We went for a long car ride. Buster LOVES to ride in the car. He settles down in the passenger seat and closes his eyes. Every now and then he looks up at me with eyes full of love.

 I let him lick my face for as long as he wanted.   I gave him a special bone, that he didn't know what to do with because he doesn't usually get bones.  We sat out on the back deck and just enjoyed life.

Buster is so special in many ways.  Perhaps the most special thing about his is how happy he is to see us.   Always.  We can be gone for 5 minutes or 5 days and when he sees us, he explodes with happiness. He runs and wiggles, his little body can't contain his excitement.  And he is always smiling.

Buster had three homes before he came to us. The thought of him being taken and dropped off at the shelter is more than I can bear because I know his heart was broken.  They must have yelled at him before they took him away because if I raise my voice at him or disapprove of something he is done, he gets really sad and upset - like he thinks I am going to send him away.  I would never send him away. Ever.

I want Buster to live with me forever.  I don't want time to pass, I want to savor every second with this little guy.  When I look at him its like my heart is living outside my body, inside his heart.  When my cat Gus died, I said that he gave all the other pets some of his duties.  He gave Buster the job of best friend.  And Buster has taken on that responsibility. He is my best friend.  Happy Birthday buddy.  I hope you have 100 more.

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Hyacinth said...

I have tears on my eyes...Buster sounds like the perfect "best friend" a person could ever ask of my cats had three homes too before we adopted him...he kept getting adopted and returned back to the shelter until I saw him and he reached out both paws and gave me a hug and I knew I had to bring him home to live with us...and among all my pets, he's my "best friend" too :)