Saturday, June 2, 2012

"How can you stand it?"

When we tell people that Trevor fights, they almost always look at me and say "How can you stand to watch?'

Its a tough question.  I can't imagine that any wife, girlfriend or mother of any fighter really likes watching someone they love step into the ring or octagon.  A lot of guys will say "my wife would never let me do that".  That's not really how it works with us. This is what Trevor does and so I support it.

Trevor had his first fight in March of 2009.

 Then he fought again in December of 2010.

His third fight will be tonight.  These things aren't just a one day event, there are months of training and preparing that go into it.  Training gets more and more intense over time, eating schedules become more and more strict.  It affects both of us and all parts of our lives.  Its a sacrifice, but most things worthwhile require that.

So again, how can I stand to watch.  I have really been thinking about that question and have come to this conclusion... I can stand to watch because I trust the guys who are responsible for Trevor while he is in the ring.  His Sifu (chinese for teacher), Chris, trained Trevor and cornered him for the first two fights. The only thing that kept me from screaming "DON'T DO IT" as he walked into the ring was knowing that Chris was there with him and would make sure it was all okay.  Tonight, his Kru (Thai for teacher), Jack, will be with him.  I have known Chris for many years. I just met Jack a couple months ago.  About a month ago, Jack suggested that I start coming to train with Trevor one day a week.  Trevor does conditioning one day a week and I have been going to that with him.  It has really given me a chance to get to know Jack.  After getting to know him, I trust him and feel comfortable putting the most important person in my world in his hands.

Trevor loves doing this and I can see that.  I know how it makes him feel and so I can't see myself telling him not to do it.  I get incredibly nervous, just like I do for all the other things we do (marathons, triathlons, etc).  The main difference is that once the gun sounds at a triathlon, all my nervousness goes away.  That's not the case when it comes to Trevor fighting.  I can't get my breath until he is out of the cage and into my embrace. He has put so much time, effort and committment into this and I am so very proud of that.

When I met Trevor, he weighed 240 pounds.  Tonight, he is fighting in the 170 pound weight class. Last night he weighed in at 168.8 pounds.  Its insane.

I know he's excited for tonight and so I am too.  I'll feel better when its over, he probably will too!  The other night he emailed me a list of all the things he wants to eat after the fight and all day tomorrow.  Now THAT is something I can look forward to!!!

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