Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words....

Here is a picture of me and Trevor from a holiday party in December.  This was at the height of our stress with Asha.  We had just gone to the behavioral vet two weeks earlier and were in the midst of "it will get worse before it gets better".  This is our favorite holiday party every year.  This year, I felt like I was going through the motions.  I was so tired, more exhausted - mentally and physically - than I have ever been. I think we sat in the same spot while we were there, ate some food, didn't do much talking - I couldn't muster the strength.  I felt like I had aged 10 years in the 5 months since we got Asha.

Fast forward to May.  This picture is of us on our trip to Maui.  We have come so far with our little one.  While Asha still challenges us, we've achieved some amount of peace and quiet.  We are getting more sleep, all the dogs are getting along.  I'm not nearly as exhausted as I was back then.  I have hope for the future and for a long time, I did not.  I can see the difference in my face and in my eyes.  Back then, I was really struggling to hold it all together and I think it shows!  Now, I am back to my usual craziness and that sure feels good.

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