Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tonight is Fight Night!

Trevor fights tonight. Ever since his last fight, in March of 2009, he has been looking forward to his next fight. The time is finally here. We've spent two years focusing on triathlons. You can't really train for fighting AND triathlons at the same time. While training for Ironman, he kept saying that when it was over, he was going to focus on fighting.

The last two months, we have switched from endurance workouts to much higher intensity workouts. We have added some strength training into the mix. Trevor hates lifting weights. So he made me his strength and conditioning coach. We've been lifting a few times a week and hitting the stairmachine at the gym, sometimes two times per day.

Trevor is fighting at 185 tonight. He was around 200 when we did Ironman. The diet has been a little different for this! While training for Ironman, we ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it. The last few weeks, Trevor has really been sticking to a clean diet. He's done a great job. He weighed in this morning and is all set to go.

This is his second fight. I was so nervous before his first fight. This time is different. I mean, I am nervous. That's what I do and who I am. But I am like this before any event. I worry about him when we are doing a marathon or a triathlon. Its especially tough for me when we do an event with no out and backs, when I don't get to see him until I cross the finish line. I always wonder how he is doing. At least tonight I can sit in the front row and be with him.

He's a hard worker. He worked hard to get ready for this fight and I am incredibly proud of him. While fighting isn't my favorite thing, watching Trevor accomplish a goal and achieve a dream is one of my favorite things. And that is what it is all about.

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