Monday, December 13, 2010

Fight Recap.

It is hard to believe that we got ready for this fight in less than 2 months. Ironman was August 29th and less than four months later, Trevor stepped into the ring to fight. I had been kind of apprehensive about this for a while. Not really nervous, just uneasy. I felt okay on Saturday, until we got to fight venue. Then I wanted to vomit.

Trevor and his corner guys, Chris and Eric, were there early for the fighters' meeting. Chris' wife, Kristine, and I got there around 5:30. We said hi to the guys and then found our seats. We had the best seats. They were front row, kind of in a corner. I could stand up and not block anyone's view and I had a great view of the cage.

There were three fights before Trevor's and I just wanted them to be over as fast as possible so we could get to it. When the time came, Trevor walked into the ring and I was so nervous. It was the same feeling I get before we do an event - triathlons especially. I SO did not want him to do this. I could barely stand it. We made eye contact and he blew me a kiss. I smiled to make him believe that I wasn't actually feeling the way I was feeling!

His opponent came into the ring. He was 26, 11 years younger than Trevor. He was in good shape, about 10 pounds lighter and a few inches shorter. Trevor looked so calm and ready. He and Chris stood in the cage during introductions and I loved that they both looked so at ease. That helped me.

The bell rang and the fight started. I honestly don't remember what happened next. I know that Trevor punched the guy in the face several times. At one point, they were on the ground and the guy had Trevor in a choke hold. The crowd got quiet and I thought it was the end. Trevor and I have deal in events - you don't quit. This is really in relation to time don't stop, you make them physically remove you from the course. That is all I could think about - DON'T TAP OUT. He got out of it and the round was over.

As Trevor was standing in his corner between rounds, I could tell by the look his face that he was more tired than he expected he would be. He had to cut more weight for this fight than last and he was dehydrated. I figured that was having an effect on him that was surprising. We made eye contact again and I smiled to let him know it was okay.

Again, I don't remember what happened next. It was the second round. I believe this was when the other guy really started showing some wear and tear. His face was bleeding. Trevor had lots of blood on him and I couldn't tell who's it was. Then Trevor took a punch right in the face. I could tell it jarred him and I thought "oh no". He put his hands up to guard his face and he recovered. He seemed to be dictating the pace. This guy he was fighting was tough. Trevor kicked him in the head, had him in a triangle hold, an arm name it, they did it. It was a good fight, lots of action.

The round ended and I could tell, again, that Trevor was feeling a bit more tired than he had planned. We have been to so many of these fights. None of them go into the third round. Out of the 12-17 fights per night, maybe two will go that long. I couldn't believe Trevor's was going into three rounds.

I was still nervous. When I do an event, the nervous feeling goes away as soon as I start. With this, I don't get to start...I just get to watch and so the nervousness never stops. I didn't like all the blood. I didn't like how the other guy looked. Most of all, I was worried that Trevor would get caught and end up losing, when I really believed that he was winning.

The third round passed quickly and the last minute of the fight Trevor was on top of his opponent, dropping punches. I could see the ref watching closely and honestly I couldn't figure out why he wasn't stopping the fight. I was watching the clock and finally it was over. I found out later that the ref was telling the guy he was going to stop it unless he started defending himself and the guy said "NO YOU AREN'T'. Sounds like someone I know.

It went to a decision. I hate that because anything can happen when it goes to the judges. I was confident that Trevor had won, but you just never know. Finally, they read the decisions and all three judges agreed that Trevor was the winner. Thank goodness. I mean, its not all about winning, but its much better to be 1-1 than 0-2. I just wanted him to win.

Trevor left the ring and walked over to give me a kiss before he went back to clean up. I was so relieved.

I gave him a few minutes and then went to check on him. Trevor was literally covered in blood. We got him cleaned up and into some warm clothes, with a protein shake to help him recover. We had a lot of friends and customers there to watch. Many of those people came back to visit with Trevor. It was such a great sight. I was so proud of him.

Meanwhile, Trevor's opponent was laying on the floor in the corner. After a bit he started throwing up. It was awful. His parents were there with him, I went over to talk with them and suggested he go to the hospital and get checked out. Multiple blows to the head, followed by vomiting spells concussion to me. I felt bad for him, mostly because we've been there. Its fun and exciting and you know it is risky and could result in injury. Then it does and it really kind of sucks. He was a tough kid, fought a great fight...but he needed a doctor.

We hung around for a while, chatted with all our friends and supporters. Then we came home and were in bed by 10:30. I was so relieved. That is what I had hoped for the last time he fought....but it didn't happen that way. Last time, we spent hours in the emergency room and got to bed around 3 am. I like it better this way.

Everyone asks how I can stand to watch. The truth is...I can't. This time was a little easier. I felt like there was less pressure, it wasn't the first time, so it wasn't SUCH a big deal. I felt more part of it this time. I trained with him and was more involved in the fight prep. Last time, I was just along for the ride and really didn't know what we had gotten ourselves into.

Watching someone you love put themselves in harms way is really difficult. I think watching someone you love live with regret and unachieved dreams is even more difficult. This is something that Trevor LOVES. While I may not understand that, I respect it. And so I support it. I support it whole heartedly. That means, I go with him to the gym at 8 o'clock at night and walk on the stair machine for 30 minutes, I put together a weight routine and do it with him, I cook his food, let him sleep in if he needs it, cover things for him so that he can go train, eating cookies in the pantry so he isn't tempted to eat cookies (ahem...not that I did that, I'm just saying....). Supporting someone doesn't mean not telling them they can't do it. It means standing with them while they move through it. He is my best friend and I will always stand with him.

My favorite part of anything we do is the recap. I love to talk with Trevor and see what he thinks. We have talked a lot about the fight, what went well, what he'd do differently for next time. There will be a next time. I know that. Trevor was very happy with how things went on Saturday night. He will learn from it and move on. That is how life should be - taking chances, making mistakes, failing, learning, adapting, succeeding.

Its been a hell of a year. Trevor's last fight really changed us. It made our lives less scary. It showed us that we can do anything we want to do. Sometimes I look at us and wonder who we are. Trevor is not the man I married and I am surely not the woman he married, we've changed. Together. I know that we will continue to change and I don't worry about that anymore...I embrace it.

I feel like I always say this..I don't know what's next, but I can't wait to find out. And that's the truth. I. can't. wait.

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