Thursday, December 16, 2010

The best thank you.

We have lots of customers who do lots of great things. We LOVE to hear about the goals that people have and really love to watch them achieve those goals. We like the struggles, the challenges, the heart that it takes to see something through to the end. We find it particularly exciting when someone sets a goal that makes no sense to anyone but themselves.

One of our customers, Mike Rudolph, had a goal. He was on a weight loss journey and in 2010 decided he was going to complete an Ironman Triathlon. We met Mike in 2009, he came into our store. We knew that he was doing triathlons and that became a common bond. The quest for Ironman really put us on the same page. Mike had signed up for Coeur d'Alene in June. Our Ironman wasn't until August. We watched Mike closely in order to see how it was done!

At one point, Trevor posted some pictures of me from a triathlon we had done in 2009. Mike pointed out that he was in that picture. I didn't know him then, but there he was...right with me at the end of the Hagg Lake Olympic distance. It only seems fitting that we had been on this journey together and didn't even know it
During his training, Mike turned to us for advice. We gave him all the encouragement, support and advice we could. We were invested in his success on both a personal and professional level. The time finally came for his Ironman and we were so anxious that you would have thought it was OUR Ironman. We tracked him all day long and were thrilled when he crossed the finish line. We were relieved because now that he had done it, it seemed within our grasp. We knew the struggles that he had gone through, what he had overcome and it gave us the inspiration to push through. We wanted to be just like him. We wanted to be Ironman too!

Our time came and when it did, Mike was tracking us all day long and cheering for us. The difference was that he knew what we were going through because he had been there. I thought of him many times during my long day in Canada and drew on his strength to get through the hardest moments. I knew he was watching and I didn't want to let him down!

Yesterday, Mike brought something to me and Trevor. It was a framed picture of him finishing the Ironman. There was also a picture of him at his heaviest weight and a note that said "thank you". Wow. I know how it felt to cross the finish line at Ironman. It blows me away to think that we played any part in someone else having that feeling. It also blows me away that Mike took the time and effort to do something like that to thank us.

This is what life should be about...making a difference in someone's life. Thanks Mike. You have sure made a difference in ours.

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Keith said...

I've watched lots of people cross the IM finish line, some close friends and some acquaintances, sometimes in person and on the tube. And of course, watching the pros that the cameras like to follow. After doing it myself I have a whole new appreciation for it. It's amazing that you can feel more strongly about watching someone you are involved with, than about how you felt yourself.