Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love the memories

I've been thinking a lot about this year. As 2010 comes to an end, I am amazed at how many great memories I have of this year. I have had lots of good times in my life, but I feel like this year generated more memories than years past. Here are a few that keep coming to mind....

The day after Ironman, we put ice cream in our coffee instead of creamer. I can't remember if we didn't want to waste the ice cream or we were out of creamer or we just thought it would taste good.

Two days before Ironman, we were going for a practice swim. Trevor was helping me put on my wetsuit, his hand slipped and he punched me in the face. Doug was there and laughed SO hard.

On a long bike ride to Mt St Helens - the day started out overcast and at one point we broke through the clouds, saw the sun against a beautiful blue sky. I looked up ahead and saw my three best riding buddies. Life was good.

Coffee with my friend Diane - we'd sit in my car with Buster and Maggie while we drank our Starbucks.

Saturday morning swims at Klineline Pond with Trevor and Doug - open water, peaceful mornings...putting in the time.

Crossing the finish line at the Capitol City Marathon - high fiveing Trevor and Doug....my team.

Crossing the finish line at the Newport Marathon with all my running friends.

Tracking our friends doing the Ironman in Coeur D'Alene. Knowing that people would be doing the same thing for us during Ironman Canada.

Reading all the comments on my facebook page from Ironman - seeing how people really were tracking us and talking with each other about our progress. It made me feel really loved.

Discovering Pretzel M&Ms.

Going for a run at 5 am in Colorado Springs with Trevor and Doug...with a sinus infection and pulled back muscle.

Bringing Buster home to be a part of our family.

Laying on the floor at my parents house, telling secrets with my nephew Bryce.

Buying my first pair of Keens and wearing them everywhere.

Being told that I was an inspiration, that I was strong, that I was not a quitter. Things I never thought about myself. And believing them. For the first time.

Every morning, having oatmeal and coffee, on the couch, watching the news with Trevor and the dogs.

As you can see...its the little things that are really the big things in life. The best advice I ever got was from my high school Chemistry teacher. He told me to take pleasure in the drudgery of life, the day to day, the commute...these are the moments that life if made of. Take pleasure in these and you will love your life. If you are always looking foward to the big moments, you miss out on what life truly has to offer.

This year was full of little and big things. A good mix, I think. Lots of memories this year. I really focused on soaking them up. I loved every minute.

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