Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Road to Ironman: Arrival

We left on Thursday morning for the long drive. It was kind of cool because we drove north thru Seattle, past many of the places we had done events leading to Ironman – the marathon in Olympia, the marathon in Whidbey and the half Ironman in Lake Stevens. We saw them all on this trip – literally on the road to Ironman!!

The drive wasn’t so bad, except for the wind. The second half of the trip was SUPER windy. I expected it to take about 10 hours, putting us at our destination around 8ish. Doug and his family had arrived the night before. We were following the directions and were getting worried that we had a made a wrong turn. I knew we were staying at a resort, a ski resort, but I didn’t realize how steep the road to get there would be.

We were staying about 30 minutes outside of Penticton. We went up the darkest, most winding
road ever. I couldn’t believe it. We finally got to where we were staying around 10:30. We got out of the car and I couldn’t believe how cold and windy it was. Ugh. We were so tired! Doug’s family helped us unpack, we settled in and went to bed. Lots of excitement in the days to come…

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