Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ironman Race Report: The Morning

I didn’t sleep at all. Not at all. My stomach was in knots all night, it was making so much noise that it woke Trevor up. I was so scared. So scared. At one point I fell asleep and immediately woke up with a start. Ironman. I have never felt this way in all my life.

The alarm went off at 3:45. We got up and started to get our stuff together. I told Trevor that I couldn’t wait to get in the water so that I could stop worrying and just start doing. As I mixed up my drinks for the bike, I thought “it will be a waste to mix these up and not get to use them. I have to get through the swim”.

Trevor started loading our stuff into the car. He came back in and said “be sure to put in your blog that the car was frosted over”. It was SO cold out! The three of us piled into the car and headed to town. Transition opened at 5, the race started at 7. We planned to get down there around 5:30.

We found a parking spot and unloaded our stuff, made our way to transition. We all went our separate ways to get ourselves ready to go. Trevor came over to pump up my tires. The time was getting away from us. They announced that it was 30 minutes to start time. We needed to use the restrooms and get on our wetsuits.

I looked at the water and it was calm, much better than the days before. I felt a little better about that. But I didn’t have time to worry. By the time we got on our wetsuits and made our way down to the beach, there was about 5 minutes to start time! No time to wait around and fret, just time to say our goodbyes, set ourselves at our spots on the beach and focus on the job ahead.

Trevor and I kissed, Doug hugged both Trevor and I. The cannon shot and off we went…

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