Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ironman in Pictures

We stayed at a ski resort called Apex Mountain. It was about 15 miles and 30 minutes outside of town. It was a great condo and we shared it with the most awesome family. Our friend Doug, his wife and two daughthers, his two sisters, his cousin and his wife. We were surrounded by so much love and excitement. And here was our view. From here we saw, sun, rain, wind and snow.

Trevor checking his timing chip on registration day

Here is the registration table. So many volunteers. For an event with 2800 people, they had 4500 volunteers.

My team. Trevor and Doug!

Something about these shoes....KEENS!

Here is the bike area on drop off day. 2800 bikes all racked in their own spots, waiting for their owners to get out of the water!

Here are all my bags before they were packed. Here's the list:
Morning dry clothes bag, swim to bike bag, bike special needs, bike to run bag, run special needs. Then there was the swim bag. So much stuff!!

Here is Trevor, dropping off his swim to bike bag. These bags were packed with all the things we needed after we got out of the water - bike shoes, helmet, gloves, sunglasses, coats, etc.

Trevor and his bike.

The hotel. Every time you saw this, it meant you were done with something...swim, bike or run. Great landmark.

Here is my bike rack. Funny thing, when I got out of the water, there were like 2 bikes left on my rack!

Here is the bike to run bags. All the things we may need after we get off the bike are here.

More swim to bike bags, you can see the water in the background.

Event day! Swim start. All these people started at the same time...

If you look at this picture, you can see me, Trevor and Doug. We are right in the middle of the picture. Doug and Trevor are in yellow caps, then I am in a red cap. We let the masses go before we took off.
See all the boats! The oragne buoy on the left is what marked our course. There were 26 of these buoys.

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