Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is the life...

This past weekend we did not have our marathon group meeting on Sunday. Previously, we have been doing our group run, then going for our long bike ride. Our time is limited, so we have to squeeze it all in on one day. This was our first opportunity to do things in their correct order.

We headed to the pond with our friend Doug. We swam three laps, 1.3 miles. Then we got on our bikes and rode about 50 miles. Then we got off our bikes and ran about 6.5 miles. Whew. It felt good. The sun was out for the first time in months. It was just a good day.

I always have anxiety over the swim. I am totally capable of swimming, but I just get anxious. This day was no different. The water was calm and cool. The pond is gross, but I try not to think about it. It took a bit to settle in, but finally I did and the 45 minute swim went pretty fast. I need to work on mentally enjoying each stroke. I sometimes find myself wanting the swim to be over. I had success last year when I really just focused on the moment, on the now. This will come with practice. This was only our third time in the open water this season and I saw more than the Half Ironman distance, I felt really good about that.

Doug had run 21 miles the day before and was thinking we would ride about 25 miles. He should know better than that! We had 50 planned and Doug, being the trooper he is, came along for all of it. The first 25 was HILLY. It went fast. The next 25 we pretty much flat. There was a crazy headwind that seemed to blow both ways. It was so annoying. But I guess that is how you build strength?!

We got off the bike and ran for about 65 minutes. I felt really good. I could have kept going and was happy with my pace. We finished up and got back in the pond to cool our legs and feet. That felt so good.

This day really set my mind at ease. We have the half ironman at Pacific Crest on June 26th. We swam further than we will need to swim, we rode 8 miles less than we'll need to ride and we ran half the run. Distance that day will be 1.2 mile swim, 58 mile bike, 13.1 mile run. I feel more than ready for it. That is a good feeling.

I keep trying not to look past Pacific Crest. After that, we push full steam ahead to the Full Ironman on August 29th. That will be double all our distances and that seems overwhelming, so I don't want to focus on that right now. I want to focus on what I am ready for. Once we conquer that, I can turn my sights to Ironman. Our training is on track. We just need to continue on.

At one point during our ride, Trevor and Doug were up ahead of me. The sun was shining and I thought to myself "I am out here with my two favorite guys, doing things I never imagined I would be able to do....THIS is the life".

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Kristine said...

Tracy! You are so amazing! Keep it up!