Monday, June 28, 2010

Pacific Crest Half Ironman Race Recap Part 1

This was set to be our first triathlon of the season. We've done three marathons this year, but no organized races. Nothing like starting off with a Half Iron distance. I wasn't feeling too nervous about the event, mostly because we have really been training hard and I felt ready for the distance. Of course, I always stress, but deep down, I knew I was ready.

Earlier in the week, we were down at a bike shop, looking at bikes. Trevor was out on a test ride and I was waiting for him. I was listening to some of the conversations going on around me and I didn't like what I heard. There were two people who had done Ironman before. The girl was saying how she was going to Coeur D'Alene this weekend for the Ironman and volunteering at the finish line as a "catcher". These are the people who get you at the finish and make sure you are okay, take you to medical if needed, etc. Well, she was volunteering for an early shift, because she said that the people who finish later in the day aren't giving it their all and so it isn't as fun for her. Honestly, that hurt my feelings. For her to think that the people who take 13, 14, 15, 16...17 hours to finish aren't giving their all? That will be me out there in a few weeks and I know I will be giving my all, no matter how long it takes.

Then , the guy said something that bugged me even more....he said "anyone can do Ironman...its more impressive to race the shorter distances and place". WHAT? Well, these things swirled around in my head for the next few days and got to me. I am slow....most of the time I am okay with that....until I hear someone say something like these two were saying and then I feel almost ridiculous for even thinking I can do this kind of stuff. Don't you hate it when you let people get in your head when they don't deserve to be there?

Anyway, that is how I went into Pacific Crest, with a little bit of doubt....We'll come back to this point in my race recap part 2....

Trevor and I headed over to Sunriver, in Eastern Oregon, on Friday morning. We got over there, picked up our packets, took our bikes out to the transition and headed back to the house we were renting. We stayed with our friend Doug and his family in the most amazing house (score Doug!!!). We unpacked our stuff, headed to dinner, back to the race briefing and then to wind down and hit the sack.

It was a busy day, I felt like we were on the go the entire time. Pacific Crest is an entire weekend of events. They have a kids run, Half Iron Triathlon, long course duathlon, marathon, Half marathon, Olympic Triathlon, Spring Triathlon, and 5k. So much going on, every where you looked were athletes. We saw a lot of familiar faces. That was comforting!

We turned in early and had a great nights sleep, ready to take on the mileage again....

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