Saturday, June 19, 2010

8 down, 10 to go...

This week was back to a higher volume. We really did a lot of swimming this week - all open water. As I mentioned in previous posts, I get so anxious! These swims were good and I feel ready for our Half Ironman next weekend.

It is strange that the upcoming Half Ironman is our first triathlon of the season and part of training for Ironman Cananda. Last year, it was our big event for the year and we trained all summer long for it.

I have been looking back on my posts and my notes from last year's training and I noticed a common theme - I was ALWAYS tired. Exhausted. I think that had more to do with my mental state than anything else. I was working at the paper at the time and I was getting up at 4 am to get my training done. Then I would come home and do a second workout. Just thinking about that makes me tired. I remember days when I would lay my head on my desk at work because I couldn't hold it up any longer.

This year, we started with a much higher base of fitness and we have really pushed our training to the next level. So while I do feel tired, I don't feel completely exhausted every single minute of every single day. Progress...right?

Here's how the week went...
Sunday: 1.3 mile (45 minute) swim, 52 mile bike (3 hours 40 minutes), 6.5 (one hour and 10 minutes) mile run.
Monday: Spin for 60 minutes!
Tuesday: 45 min upper body weights, 40 minute run
Wednesday: 60 min spin classes, 30 minute swim
Thursday: 45 minutes upper body weights, 40 minute run
Friday: 40 minute swim
Saturday: 45 minute swim

Total for the week:
Swim: 2 hours and 40 minutes
Bike: 5 hours and 40 minutes
Run: 2 hour and 30 minutes
Weights: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Total: 11 hours and 20 minutes

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