Thursday, February 11, 2010

Living in my own little world...

Last night I had the opportunity to step out of my own little world and be shocked back into reality. I'll tell you, what I saw was disturbing and I'm am still not right because of it.

Here's what happened....

We had a super busy day. We were heading to watch some Mixed Martial Arts fights at a local bar. We are considering sponsoring these fights, so we wanted to check them out. The bar is in a yucky location - not much else around it. We didn't have much time and were hoping to pick up a quick dinner somewhere. Fast food was really our only option. There was a KFC close by and I know they have grilled chicken which is pretty good in a pinch. So we head there for some chicken and coleslaw.

We walked into this particular KFC and Trevor said, "This place looks like a homeless shelter for the obese" and he was right. We waited in line and after about 10 minutes, it had not moved one bit. We were really annoyed and decided to take our chances on finding another option. Bad idea. We drove around and found nothing. Then we saw a Church's Chicken and thought "it has to be similar to KFC"...."they probably have a grilled option". Another bad idea.

We had no time left and we were both starving, so we went ahead and go some chicken, figuring we could just pull off the fried part, eat the chiken and have some coleslaw. We sat and waited for our food - I watched, in horror, at the people around us shoveling this garbage into their mouths. I watched the employees making all the food (if you can even call it that). I was losing my appetite.

Our food finally came and I was not happy about our situation. Trevor pulled the breading off his chicken breast and if he had more than an ounce of chicken left I would be surprised. There was a pile of chicken. As I looked at my tray full of objects that were all a bland tan or white color, I said to Trevor "this is not food". Where is the color? Where are the vegetables?

Then, I looked at the posters they had hanging on the wall. One said "Feed your family a quality meal at a fair price". This is when I just about lost it. Are you kidding me? THIS is a quality meal? I should feel proud to feed THIS to my family.

I totally lost my appetite. I wanted to cry. I felt so sad for everyone in that place, including myself. I just got done visiting the Church's Chicken website and looking at their nutritional menu. It pissed me off that I didn't have access to that last night. We got some wings that I thought would be a better option than the chicken strips....wrong again. The wings we ordered had over 2500 mg of sodium. Yuck.

I am so disgusted, I can't stand it. I want to tell someone, but I don't know who. These are the things that make me crazy. What are we doing to ourselves.....what have we will we EVER undo it....

Usually, I prepare our meals. They are colorful and nutritous with lots of fresh veggies and lean meats. I sometimes lose sight of how much of the rest of the world lives and forget how I used to live. It made me want to go to the grocery store and buy every vegetable I could find and prepare it for dinner tonight...just to make up for what I did to myself yesterday....Its going to take me a while to recover.

After our experience with dinner, we went to the fights. That is a whole nother story for another day. I've ranted enough for one blog post!

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