Monday, February 8, 2010

A hectic week

Last week was a tough week in our house. On Wednesday we were pretty sure we'd be saying goodbye to our old dog Wookie. He is on some pretty heavy medicine and seems to be doing better. We are showering him with love and attention and letting him do all the bad dog things he wants. He loves it! The other dogs and cats are getting some extra fun out of it too. We are trying to keep it from becoming a free for all, but at this point, we don't care. We just want to live every single day to the fullest so that we have no regrets when its time to say goodbye. The vet says 2 to 4 months, I am trying not to think that far ahead and just focus on today.

Our training is coming along. I hurt my back a few weeks ago - sneezing - and am having some issues related to that. My legs are killing me - my IT bands, glutes, hips - mostly because I am trying to protect my back when I run. I am going to take it easy this week. I cannot believe I actually said and mean that. Instead of cycling this morning I swam. I'll see the dr tomorrow and get this worked on so I can be back to normal by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I have been having a hard time getting my time in the pool. This is a good way to bootcamp it - I am going to spend as much time as I can in the pool this week and expect that will get me back in the swing of it. Our next big event is the Whidbey Island Marathon on April 11th - triathlons don't start until June-ish.

Our eating is going well. Trevor says I am cranky from the lack of carbs. I say I am cranky because I am bitch. I don't know why he acts like this is something new. But he does. Oh well, if it makes him feel better to blame it on the low carbs, then good for him. I know the truth. I don't really feel like I am craving carbs. I am enjoying our food so much more - eating lots of veggies and fruit. Its refreshing. I have been feeling crappy during my runs but I am sure that is my body, not my nutrition. I felt great during my hour long swim this morning and usually feel good during weights and cycling. In another two weeks we will start adding back in some of the whole grains as we periodize our training and our nutrition.

My diet is generally the same every day. I've found a new snack that I really like - I put peanut butter on a celery stalk and then some raisins. Then I cut it into bite sized pieces. yum!! I have two smoothies a day, eggs and veggies, meat and salads, I even had tofu and broccoli for lunch one day. I have to work harder to make all this stuff flavorful and filling and that has made for some good eats.

Our half marathon is on Feb 28th - less than three weeks away. I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but we are promoting this event through our store - the Max Muscle Vancouver Half Marathon. It has been quite an undertaking - from the course mapping to the permits, the vendors, sponsors, volunteers....tshirts, finishers medals....lots of stuff to do. We are down to crunch time now - everything has to get done in the last few weeks.

I have been meeting with some nice ladies from the ARC of Clark County. They put on a run/walk every year and lost their person who does a lot of the planning. I volunteered to help. We met today and they said their first event meeting is in the a few weeks. I was thinking about how I have done all this on my own. I need a committee!! I am a committee of one! Something to think about for next time...

Another thing, I have found myself as the Marketing Director for the Hazel Dell Parade of Bands on May 15th. This is the third largest parade in the state. We are going to do a fun walk/run that will lead the parade and follow the same route - I hoping to stretch it to a 5K.

We have a lot going on. I feel like the time just gets away from me. I thought that once I didn't have my job anymore I would have lots of time to blog. Its really the opposite, I don't have time much at all now! I still have lots to say, I just don't have time to put it all down.

I also miss reading all the blogs that I used to read. I loved knowing what everyone was up to. I feel so out of it these days. I rarely get onto any news sites, so I have no idea what is going on in the world...except that there was an earthquake in Haiti - because that is the only story on CNN.

We are in our own little cocoon right now. And really, I am okay with that. For the time being, our family is intact...whole...complete. All I want to do is breathe it in so that I can remember every single second of it.

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