Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nothing to do but wait

Its been all clear since Asha's seizure on Friday morning. While Asha has been getting some good nights' sleep, Trevor and I have been hyper-sensitive to her every move. While it could be a one time occurrence, we are bracing ourselves for another episode and just don't know when that could come.

In the meantime, Asha is enjoying her puppyhood. She seems to learn something new everyday and expands her circle of comfort by leaps and bounds. She spent yesterday at the vet's office getting a bile acid test to see if a liver shunt caused her seizure. It checked out clear, one more thing ruled out. Now we wait to see if and when another seizure occurs. We are really hoping it was a one time thing. As the days pass, we think less about it, but it will always be in the back of our minds. Asha just keeps moving forward, living in the now!

The vet commented that she was such a happy dog. She also was surprised that Asha wasn't afraid of new things. That dog just loves meeting new people. It is amazing to see the joy she gets when she realizes there is a new person in her vicinity!!

Asha is much more calm at the house, she seems to know her way around and gets quite angry when something new shows up. We moved Buster and Maggie's food bowls the other day and Asha kept running into one of them. Finally, she picked up the metal bowl in her mouth and carried it outside to the part of the yard where she goes to poop!! She had enough of running into that thing!!

Having a deaf dog does have its good points. When we get home, she is usually sound asleep. I can make as much noise as I want and it doesn't disturb her. We try to let her wake up on her own, if we wake her up, it scares her and we don't like that.

Asha has a lot of Wookie's characteristics. She has these little tufts of crimped fur behind her ears, just like he did. When she lays down, she flops. That is so very Wookie. We miss him terribly, he's been gone over a year now and this sweet little one reminds us so much of him. She is very stubborn, just like Wookie was and she can be an asshole....Maggie calls her an "Ashahole".

The other two dogs are still adjusting to having a third, but as time goes by they are figuring her out. We look forward to a long happy life for all of them. These animals really are the greatest joys of my life, just like Opal, Wookie and Gus were before them.

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