Monday, June 27, 2011

Long workout...

Our Rev3 Half Ironman Triathlon is in two weeks - July 10th. We have done quite a bit of running, a little swimming and couple longer bike rides. We haven't done any brick workouts - so no combination of any of the above...until yesterday.

We decided to give it a dress rehearsal and see how ready we are for what's to come. We did this last year too, before our half ironman at Pacific Crest. It makes for a long day, but it is actually fun and I was looking forward to it.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky all day long! We started down at the pond at 8 am. We swam two big loops, probably about a mile. We got out of the water and got onto our bikes. The plan was to ride far and end up at home, then run far and end up back at the pond to get our car.

We headed out on the bike down towards Frenchman's Bar. The Rev3 course was changed just last week, so now instead of hills, it will be FLAT. We wanted to simulate this, so we went to the flattest place we know and rode two big loops. We saw so many people we know out for a ride! It was really fun.

We went about 50 miles, a little more. I was feeling tired towards the end and was dreading a 12 mile run. Once we got off the bike, I felt better and was ready to enjoy a run. I was out of electrolytes in my water and I didn't have any more at home, they were all in the car, down at the pond.

It was really warming up, actually starting to get hot as we headed out on our run. I made a change in our proposed course so we could get down to the car sooner and pick up some electrolytes! I was glad we made that change because on the way to the pond, we saw two more familiar faces!

We got down to the car, refilled our bottles and headed out on the path. We were at mile 4 only 8 more to go. Along the path we ran into some more friends! Our friend Jo was out walking her dog - the funny thing is that we had seen her out on a bike ride earlier in the day. She asked what we were going, we told her and she just laughed.

We kept running along the Salmon Creek Path. This path has been flooded over for months now and we were really looking forward to it being all dry and open. Turns out, the water has risen again so the trail was impassable a few miles in. Trevor and I decided to head back to the car, that would make our run about 9 miles and that seemed like a good distance!

We were both satisfied that we were ready for July 10th. We had swam, biked and run for a very long time (6 hours total) and we both felt just fine. Yes, we were tired and yes, we were ready to be done, but we were still having fun. The dogs were waiting for us at home and we had massages scheduled for later in the day, so we wanted to get home.

We made it back to the car, drank our recovery drinks and wandered down to the pond. After a short little walk, we got in the car and headed home.

This day really reminded me of our Ironman training. Last summer, all we did was long workouts - swims or bikes or runs or all of them together. Honestly, I miss that. So today was a great day. I love that I got to spend the entire day with Trevor doing these things that we love. THAT, is a great day.

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