Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So...I don't think I've mentioned this, but we are training for the Rev3 - half iron distance triathlon in Portland on July 10th. That's just two weeks from this Sunday. The last two years, we've done half iron distances (1.2 miles swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run, we've trained for 16 weeks and I've documented all of it. This year, things have kind of gotten away from us and I would say we've put in a solid 4 weeks of training. And with 2 weeks to go, that would mean we've put in a solid 6 weeks of training! The funny thing is that I have a few other friends who are in the same boat!

The course was supposed to be really challenging and hilly. That was a big concern for me. I was feeling really unprepared. We did our first long bike ride last week - 44 miles of hills and I felt pretty good. So that helped. We did our first open water swim last week, about a mile and I felt pretty good. That helped too, but the swim is in a river - half of it down river, the other half up river. I was concerned about swimming against the current. I wasn't super concerned, but it was in the back of my mind. I'm not worried about the run (knock on wood). I figured it would take me about 7 hours to finish and I was really just wanting to have a good time.

On Friday, I got an email that said the venue had been changed. So, the hilly, challenging route with an up river swim, has now been moved to a different part of town. The swim is in a small calm lake, the bike and run could not be more FLAT. I will admit, I was a little relieved about this, but I was also disappointed because that route will be so boring. Its along Marine Drive - that parallels the river, but goes by the airport.

I have gone from wondering how I will do on the hills to wondering how my ass will be able to stay in my saddle for 3 hours and how it will feel to have no opportunity to coast! I do expect my time to be quite a bit better than if the route was hilly.

The bike and run courses are out and backs, so I will get the opportunity to see all my friends who are there doing the event too!

This weekend we'll do our first swim/bike/run workout. I am excited for race day. Its funny how my perspective on an event like this has changed. Before Ironman, I would be so anxious and scared about it, now it seems like just a fun day of swimming, biking and run with all my friends!!

July will be so "fun"

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