Thursday, June 9, 2011

Looking back

I was just talking to Trevor and he said that I should do a blog post comparing us at our first triathlon to us now. I went back and read my race recap from our very first Sprint Distance Triathlon in August of 2008. You can read that here

Reading it now makes me laugh. To think that I was so afraid of a little triathlon! When I am talking to a beginner about triathlons or coaching one of my athletes, they will say "Yeah, but you did an Ironman". I always tell them about my first triathlon. I completely understand the feelings that many beginners have about these events.

Here is the picture of the bikes we rode that day, our mountain bikes:

And our bikes now:

I remember at our first triathlons, I felt like such an amateur because of the bikes that other people had. I thought they knew it all and must be super fast and confident. As one of "those people" now, I can tell you....anyone can buy a nice bike - it really says nothing about your abilities!!

My first sprint took me an hour and 56 minutes. My last sprint triathlon in July of 2011 took me an hour and 23 minutes..I've improved quite a bit!!

I still remember how afraid I was that day. I remember because I am still that afraid before more of our events. I haven't overcome the nerves. I feel like that first triathlon was really the day that I showed Trevor that I will not quit. These days, he always tells me that he knows I won't quitting never crosses his mind. It crossed his mind that first day, but I didn't quit and now I have become that kind of person. I love that.

I think it also really showcased the reasons that I love doing things with Trevor. Everything is better when he is there. Its fun because we do it together. We both experience it individually and then compare our experiences together. It was also the day that we caught the crazy bug. We were hooked. Now, just three short years later, we've done a full Ironman, two halfs and are training for another half.

The last line of my race recap from that day says: "YAY....the first of many I suspect."

Yes it was....

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