Monday, April 25, 2011

On my own....

This Sunday, I will run my 7th stand alone marathon (I love that I have to differentiate between a stand alone marathon and a marathon that comes at the end of an IRONMAN triathlon!!). I ran my first marathon alone. I didn't have any friends who were there doing it too...they had all dropped out and so I started and finished alone. No one else truly experienced that day with me.

The last 5 marathons I have done have been with friends. Trevor has started every one of those marathons with me (he finished 4 of them - broke his foot at the 5th, so didn't finish). He has been at the finish line waiting for me. There has always been at least one other friend, if not more, at the start line with me. I have always seen familiar faces out on the course, going through what I am going through - struggling or having a good day. This time, it will be just me.

I have two great friends, Angel and Jo, who will be doing the half marathon. Trevor will be on his bike, out on the course to cheer me on. But it won't be the same. I am really excited about this race on Sunday. It will be the first time I have had a goal, other than "finish with a smile". But I have to be honest, I am very sad that I will be doing it alone. I have always said that doing these crazy things together is what makes them so great.

After I am done with the marathon, Trevor and I will start our training for the Rev3, half iron distance triathlon we are doing in July. We'll do that together and I can't wait. I like to run alone, but I also like to know that there is someone I love out there on the same course as me, experiencing it along with me. My favorite part of any event is doing a race recap with Trevor. I know we'll do one for this marathon too - only his recap will have a different twist - that of a spectator and main cheerleader. He better be careful, I may find that I like having him out there in that role!!!

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