Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Weddings

New Year's Day we attended two weddings. It has been years since we have a been to a wedding. Before Trevor and I got married, I HATED weddings. We had been living together for many years and most people thought we were actually married. Every time we went to a wedding, people would ask when we were getting married. Trevor wasn't ready to get married and he would always joke about it. I didn't find it funny, mostly because I felt like people were judging me. Like something must be wrong with me if he wouldn't marry me.

Here's a tip for all of you out there....people who aren't married don't like it when you ask why they aren't married. Just like people who don't have kids don't like it when you ask when they are going to have them. Its just rude. So please stop doing it.

Anyway, now that we are married, I really enjoy weddings. I love to see all the details and know that those details were given a lot of thought, a lot of effort. I know how crazy people get about weddings, how things that shouldn't matter suddenly become the biggest issue in the world.

The two weddings we attended on Saturday were beautiful. I joked with Trevor that maybe the Universe thinks we need some focus on our vows...two weddings in one day?? I listened closely to the advice and vows. It is good to be reminded that a marriage is something entered into at will, something that needs to be honored and valued.

It still sometimes amazes me that people have the guts to get married...the guts to stand in front of all their friends and family and pledge their life to another person.

The other thing I love about weddings - the guests. It is a great equalizer...everyone has "those" guests, "those" family members. Some of us ARE those guests and family members. You know them, you see them at every wedding and I love that!

Being at the weddings made me think about our wedding and our marriage. It again made me so grateful that I have Trevor. I always joke that we have to stay married because no one else would want us! The thing about it is this: I may not be the perfect wife, but I am the perfect wife for Trevor (at least I better be). And Trevor may not be the perfect husband, but he is the perfect husband for me. I can't imagine being more at home than I am with him.

So to Garrett and Sheryl and David and Alyssa....I wish the same for you - be each other's perfect mate. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.

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