Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolution Run Race Report

I don't usually like to do 10k races. I guess I have become a snob. I feel like I can run 6 miles from home. I can get up and run when I want and where I want. I don't need others to run with and I really don't need another shirt. So, when our friends at Battle Ground Fitness told us they were putting on a 5k/10k on January 2nd, I was apprehensive. I knew they would put on a great event, so I told all our friends to sign up and we signed up too!! This was a good move...

The race started at 10 am. This ended up being the perfect time. It was like 20 degrees, so we needed a little time for the sun to come up and try to heat things up a bit. I think every person we know was there to run with us. I love that about our group of friends. Someone says "hey...want to do (fill in the blank) and everyone else pretty much says "hell yes!".

I had decided that this year I want to work on my speed. I am pretty good and pushing myself to that line between comfortable and uncomfortable, then backed off just a bit and I can go forever! This year, I want to push past that line and it was going to start with this event.

I think the fasted I have ever run a 10k is right about 58 minutes. Usually I do them in about 66 minutes, slow and steady. I told Trevor my goal for this day was 56 minutes. Trevor wanted to do a sub 8 minute mile. It was strange to have such a specific goal. Usually I have a comfortable goal, not a goal just outside that zone. This goal was a lot outside that zone.

The race started and off I went. I have a new toy - my Garmin 310XT heart rate monitor/GPS, so I can watch my per mile pace. I LOVE it!! It is totally changing the way I train.

My first mile was 8:45. My next was 9:04. Honestly, the hardest part was my mind...it kept trying to convince my body that I was running to fast, that there was no way I could maintain that pace. Then I remember that I had set a goal and I needed to see it through. The miles ticked by, I saw Trevor and he said he was running the pace he had set as well. That was good news.

The course was a basic out and back, nothing to worry about but the run. I loved that!

I made the final turn back towards the finish line and I realized that I was going to finish just under 56 minutes. Trevor met me about 100 yards from the finish and ran me in. I was thrilled with my race performance. I want this year to be the year that I don't just do things, but I do them better. I want to push myself. I was really proud. While my time may not be blazing for other people, it was for me and that was all that mattered.

After we all finished, there was an all you can eat buffet at Bones Steakhouse, right by the start/finish area. WOW!! Was it ever yummy! We loaded up on breakfast goodies and hung out with our friends. Trevor won first in his age group...pretty awesome!!

It was a great start to a new year. The event was really great, we will totally do it again next year. I hope this sets the pace for the year...what a year it will be!!! Welcome 2011...let's see what we can do.

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