Thursday, January 28, 2010

Days 3 and 4

Thursday already? I swear, I am in time warp.

Here's Wednesday:
Breakfast smoothie: soy milk, strawberries, green powder
swam for 40 minutes
got out of pool STARVING
snack: fage yogurt with strawberries and walnuts, soy latte
lunch: pork tenderloin and coleslaw
snack: apple and string cheese
snack: another small smoothie like the one I had for breakfast
preworkout drink: protein powder and workout optimizer
Spin class...killer workout. All I could think about was english muffins and bread....
Dinner: scrambled eggs, salsa, avacado, small amount of cheese, brocolli.

after dinner I was still hungry so I ate some nuts. That seemed to fill me up.

Thursday so far....
Pre workout drink: protein/workout optimizer
3.5 mile run - really focused on my form. My muscles are sore from the week and this run was a bit of a slog....
Breakfast: Smoothie (like previous days)
snack: soy latte, apple, sunflower seed butter
lunch: repeat of dinner only in smaller amount (egg whites/egg, brocolli, salsa), added 1/4 cup fage and two strawberries with a handful of walnuts
snack: smoothie
snack: Lara bar (trying this out today to see how it feels)
Preworkout drink - protein and FBX (full blown extreme workout optimizer)
Dinner: Chicken with lettuce/tomatoe/cucumber/onion and blue cheese crumbles

The day isn't over yet, I am anxious to see how I feel during boot camp and afterwards. This food experiment is really interesting to me. Its going to take a bit to really figure it out. I am slso really anxious to see how my long run goes on Sunday (15 I allowed to say ugh?!)

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